Intermediate Japanese Book Club (Next: 博士の愛した数式)

Ah, you meant in the book club, specifically, rather than on the forum? If that’s the case, they indeed aren’t reading with the group anymore. I meant that they are still on the forum.
Related to the club’s activity, @crihak had their own club a couple of months ago (Let's Play (Watching) Club: Little Nightmares Home Thread), and @LucasDesu said in this thread they want to read their own stuff first and regularly post thing in the “Most recent Japanese word you’ve learned?” thread.


I see. It seem I am not lurking enough one these forums. Thanks for the info. I am mostly sticking to the thread I already have so it’s proably why.


I have to lurk to maintain my Regular status, so that I can edit the title of this thread when needed.
Despite my efforts, I’m still falling behind :cry:
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Yeah, it’s as @Naphthalene said, I’ve been reading a lot of things on my own. I still lurk in the book club threads, but not active in them at all. It’s really encouraging to see people actively participating :smiley:

Funny, considering we had to push a bit to get a separate category :sweat_smile:


When I came back to WK after a long break, seeing “reading” category really did make me excited and I’m really happy and thankful you guys pushed for it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Um, I think I don’t understand this mechanic and I want to understand. :sweat: What exactly you have to do to be able to edit the title? What “regular” status means? How do you check it?


Also funny that they only caved because “reading” was the only missing skill from the CEFR, yet the book clubs are making up the large majority of the category. :sweat_smile:

Regular is one of the 4 trust levels of the forum. New users are “basic”, you and most forum goers are “member”, people who meet some requirements supposed to show involvement in the community (in the past 100 days, visited 50 days, read 20000 posts :scream:, visited 400 threads, got and gave a bunch of likes…) are “regulars”, and special users (mostly moderators) are “leaders”.

Being a regular has a bunch of nice perks: ability to rename and move threads, ability to turn one’s own thread into wiki, additional likes per day, access to a special area on the forum,…

Renaming and wiki are very useful for book club activities, so I just force myself to go through a bunch of posts to meet the requirements whenever I need to use them.

As for checking, @kumirei has made a script that keep track of those requirements from the moment you installed it. (So it takes 100 days to get accurate stats). I’m only meeting 63% of the reading requirement so far (thankfully I have a bunch more from before the moment I installed the script, but I guess I may lose my status soon…)


Thank you for explaining!

…sounds a little scary… :fearful:

(…especially since it has an expiration date.)

I never knew there was a special place in forum that is secret. Except for the church of crabitorism of course.

I think they should lower the requirement to get the leader statue or just give it permanently. It’s so hard to get it. Foe those who have it, is it even worth it?

I don’t think any of us mere mortals even have it:


You cannot get the leader status; that’s admin/moderator only. If you meant the regular status, it’s only worth it for changing thread titles (e.g. the title of this very thread or that of the POLL thread) or making wikis. Both of those are useful for the management of the book clubs, but that’s a very niche usage. I don’t think users in general need that.


I lost my regular status too unfortunately. I think it would be better if they excluded the Campfire section, because it just increases the number of topics/posts we have to read. (Unless these forums require the max amount, which I doubt.)

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You mean we wouldn’t need to read the max amount if the campfire category was not included? That’s possible. The maximum is reached as soon as there are more than 1k new post per day on average. The poll thread is certainly making a huge contribution toward that total (posted well over 300 post a day over the last few days, by taking a quick look).
What I don’t think is possible is explicitly excluding categories from counting toward that total. (It would break Kumirei’s script too :scream:)

It’s possible, but I don’t know.

Does the script require you to visit the forums from the device where the script is active every day? Does it count any activity from other devices?

Yes, it does, since it only looks at the data from your profile. You do need to visit the forum once per day with the script active so that it can collect stats for that day (so that it can remember it in 100 days and use the difference to tell you what you have read/visited during that period).

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The next pick is a manga and relatively short (4 weeks only) therefore I figured it might be a good idea to already think about when we want to start the following pick, i.e. 博士の愛した数式.

What would be your favorite start date for reading 博士の愛した数式?

  • No break at all (start on Sept. 12)
  • One-week break (start on Sept. 19)
  • Two-week break (start on Sept. 26)
  • Four-week-break (start on Oct. 10)
  • Even longer than that (please explain) / Oops I misclicked!

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☐ I’m fine with whatever

Actually I just checked when we’d be done with those dates and the schedule and realized we’ll be done with it in 2021 no matter what :scream:
I don’t mind the long time but I’d naively assumed we’d be done with it this year so I was counting on it for my 10 book goal PANIC! (at the library) yes I will be fine don’t mind me thank you for asking


While I voted immediately, I have no interest in the preceding book, so it won’t really be a break, making me unsure how much my vote should count.


Ah, don’t worry! You won’t be the only one in that situation.

I think next time I will even turn the texts around because I mainly want to ask for the start date, and the break duration should be the explanation.

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For the start date of 博士の愛した数式, the majority would like to start straight away but 3 people would prefer a one-week break (and some others would not mind a break either). So technically the “start immediately” fraction won, but I think it might still be advisable to give a bit of slack here to make sure everybody can catch up; it’s always exciting to start a new book but otoh we’re not in a rush :relaxed:

Therefore my suggestion would be to start the book after a one-week break, i.e. on Sept. 19.
I hope this is ok for everybody?


If you’ve read 聖☆おにいさん and would like to vote for how you liked it, please feel free: