Intermediate Japanese Book Club (Currently reading: コーヒーが冷めないうちに)

A break time between the two books sounds like a good idea to me. A week sounds like a reasonable amount of time - but we’ll probably want to hear if anyone would want more time to finish No. 6, or if people want less time since they’ve been waiting to start the new book.

Proposing Sunday, October 22nd as a hypothetical start date for book 2, does anyone have any preference on moving it earlier or later?

EDIT: Maybe we should do a poll or something?

I’m happy to go with the majority in terms of moving the start date. However, my personal preference would be to get done with No.6 as soon as possible and start something new. As I’m sure you guys have noticed, it’s basically just the same five people talking about the actual book and I’m hoping Autumn Prison is a bit easier and will open discussion up to more people.

If I thought that extending the time would lead to more people joining the No.6 discussion, I’d say let’s extend, but I haven’t seen any evidence to suggest that would happen. No idea if anyone else is even reading it.

A poll seems a good idea.

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Oh, thanks for that! I got used to shopping on Amazon Japan…when I took a look on Amazon US to see if there was a better deal somehow, I searched the title in Japanese, got nothing, gave up…somehow didn’t think to search for the Romaji title. So…thanks for reminding me.

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How long after finishing No. 6 should we start Autumn Prison?

  • Directly after (October 15th or 16th)
  • A week after (October 22nd)
  • More than a week after
  • Other (please specify in the thread)

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Okey doke, took the liberty of making a poll and adding it to the first post


I probably shouldn’t vote… because I’m not reading No. 6 I’m biased towards IMMEDIATELY… I can understand wanting a break though… Could we start November 1 at the latest? October 22nd sounds great too.

Also, if there is sufficient demand, we could make a second thread for us beginners where we read 1 or two pages a day which is far more doable than the current book’s five for my newbie ass.

@LucasDesu also - I think a week between books (every time) sounds like a great idea. Gives everyone a bit of a break. And maybe add a week break (in the middle of a book, if it falls there) the week between Christmas and New Year’s? When we get there.


Well yeah I’m not getting in on this No.2 book. :confused: I’m already struggling to keep up in my classes already. I’m really bad at time management so I finally accept that I’m out on this one. Really sorry there’s only 5 people contributing I feel so bad I’m not one of them :'D.

I think I’ll start Autumn prison early too so that I can keep up better. I think there were some questions about if its official, but yes it is the official new book. I think everything else has been answered like start date(I agree on the week break thing), but lets see how this plays out. And I also just want to say thank you to every one for contributing, helping, answers questions, and for keeping this going while I was absent. I really wanted this to be be a group effort and all this support makes me really happy!

**edit: I can’t right now, but if some one could edit the op with the next book being autumn prison, and where to purchase it and stuff that would be awesome!

And I think next time we wont do 2 rounds to chose a book since it didn’t seem to make a difference and @obskyr seemed to be the only one who wanted to that anyway and he’s gone so, just let me know thanks.


お疲れ様です。Please don’t feel bad/sorry. Life happens and it’s difficult to juggle one’s studies, life responsibilities, and peripheral activities (such as this book club). The important thing is that you’re being honest about your availability to participate. I just hope that anyone else in a similar boat will also have the courtesy to mention that they are no longer participating, so it doesn’t seem like a few people are leaving the rest group in the dust.

@Answa there’s a possibitily of implementing this, however the question is how will this be reconciled when the first group finishes and would like to start another book?


No problem - we all appreciate the effort of getting this thing going. Also, the other people that are contributing have been really helpful, so even though it’s a small number it’s still helped with reading and comprehension.

I think No.6 may actually be a fairly difficult book (my local book store didn’t even have it in the light novel section). Autumn Prison, I’m hoping, will be more accessible since it’s specifically recommended as being easy. Thing is, it’s hard to know until we start reading.

Anyway, good luck with your classes and we’ll hopefully see you for the next book!


I’m not sure how. Maybe just diverge into having an easier book club and a more difficult book club? They wouldn’t necessarily have to be reading the same books later on. I don’t know, it’s just that I take forever to read a page because I have to look up most words and that includes unrecognized kanji, which consumes even more time.

Anyone have any other ideas?

Yeah, thanks for all the work you’ve put in so far! Here’s hoping you and many others can join in for the next one :grin:

I went ahead and edited the OP. It may not be perfect so anyone should feel free to edit it if something is off, or add in other places to buy the book if you know of any :+1:


Hello there =).
How can i participate in the club?
I don’t have a lot of free time, so i might not be able to read 5 pages a day, more like 1-2 a day.
But nonetheless i would like to join the club.

Maybe we should start using the subcategories more often (pleasant, painful, death, etc). I remember that a lot of people were hyped for this Book Club, but since the level of everyone is so different, most didn’t end up joining (like myself). Using the categories here in the forum would fix that. The book clubs would be smaller, but probably more efficient.


I think it’s as simple as adding your name to the OP, then purchasing the book we’ll being reading next. Currently we aren’t doing 5 pages a day, but a chapter every two weeks which equates to about 3 pages a day. As for the second book, I’m not sure what the pacing will at the moment because I haven’t purchased the book yet. @Answa was proposing doing an alternative thread where the members could go slower, but it all depends on who else might be interested.

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I like that idea. It’s simple and to the point. We can even do a small grammar breakdown thread using WaniKani (or just made up) sentences to help make sense of the vocab out in the wild.

I’m sorry but how can I edit the OP?
The green pencil opens up the history of edits, but i can’t write or change anything.
I’m new to the forums so…^^""

You need to be a Member or higher to edit wikis, so you can’t for now. After a few days on the forums you should be able to

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Yup, the approach would definitely help in that aspect. Not sure if the WK’s team would want to take action on this. For example, if someone is reading a book from the painful book club (11-20) and ends up leveling up to lvl 21, they will stop having access to the category. This could be fixed by adding a special category for the book clubs. In this case, the person would have access to the painful book club until that certain book was considered read (official ending date). That person would then enter the death book club. This could be a pretty good thing if well organized ^^

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This kind of thing should probably be a part for the api and the third party applications more than the WK team itself.

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