Intermediate Japanese Book Club (Currently reading: コーヒーが冷めないうちに)

oh ok, thanks!
I may have been a bit premature then, and if it’s three stories, i guess i can start at the beginning of one of the stories :ok_hand:

Yeah, so that is a good thing about the current book AND the winner! =D
Both have multiple stories so people can come in late! How convenient! =D


And after 2h trying i managed to buy my copy of 赤い悪夢 (5分後に意外な結末) the Kindle version. :sweat_smile::rofl::rofl:

I bought other books to read while i wait the next round to start =).

Yep, it’s pretty clear that 赤い悪夢 is the winner and that not many wants a second pool. So I’ll close that poll and update the description.
And @saiakuma and @Ell were almost done the current story, I believe there’s this week and next week, and we should be starting the next story in the current book on the 26th. Just a heads up in case you want to join in.

So everyone please go ahead and purchase your copies of 赤い悪夢, as it’s now officially the third book.


It’s a shame I’m 85 months late here, I had a good suggestion

A sidenote for those who voted for 魔女の宅急便: The book is also currently up for voting in the beginner’s book club. So if you want to read it, head on over here and vote. :wink:


You may leave your suggestion now if you want, and I will be sure to include it on the 4th poll once we start the 3rd book.

can someone add me to the people reading (got the book currently reading)

thanks for that! I tried to start reading from the beginning, but maybe i’d be better off just trying to read ahead because i may struggle with it

please do, as the next volume of yotsuba is winning slightly hehehe (i’d rather read things i can get digital copies of)

re: 悪夢(あくむ)i thought it was pronounced わるゆめ hehe

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Gotcha fam

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This! <3
Every vote will be loved! <3


I’m a little confused. Wasn’t the point of separating the beginner and intermediate clubs was so that beginner book club members could choose books that were appropriate for them? I’m not saying the books in the current poll aren’t appropriate for the beginner book club, but if you have intermediate book club members voting for beginner book club books whenever they see fit doesn’t that defeat the purpose? It’s one thing to join along for a book the beginner book club members chose. It’s quite another to change the tide of a poll for the sake to read a book that some of the beginner book club members may not be able to participate in.

You do have a point. :thinking: But aren’t some people in both? And isn’t more of a level problem rather content? (I.e they’re not trying to force battle royal on them or something.)

But I totally get your point, this is important to consider. If people were to influence the vote and then not participate that would be unfair.

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I can’t speak for the ones who’ve joined both, but I don’t think it would be fair to the beginner book club members if several other intermediate book club members and I decided to vote for book we like because it wasn’t voted for in our poll. It influences the selection to be skewed toward something that may be a higher level than what was initially intended.

This was an issue that kind of bothered me in the past with some of the books we’ve read. People who weren’t entirely committed or able to read the books up for a vote influenced the choices and consequently didn’t participate in the discussions. I understand that it’s a side effect of a kanji learner’s forum’s book club, but to actively encourage people to influence a poll because it would be something they might be interested in is not something I’d appreciate if the shoe were on the other foot.


Yeah you’re totally right, I have to agree with you. I didn’t realize that at first.

you raise a good point…
but i suppose if people want to read kiki’s they may want to join the beginners club to do so?
i’m not really sure of the level of the book, because i haven’t tried to read it, but if some of the intermediate people went to the beginners club they may be able to help out in the difficult sections.

That’s what I was thinking at first, but you know just because we didn’t get our way here, to go another club and influence the vote for 1 book isn’t fair. If we did that then we’d have have two chances, and the beginners with there one chance, could have their voices taken from them entirely. In a way it would create two intermediate clubs.

I do believe they have more active members than us, so I don’t think this would happen. I think it’s fine if someone wants to join both, but the most considerate thing for someone at an intermediate level to do would be to let them choose their book on their own, and if you happen to like the book join in.


fair play.

I agree. I may join if they choose Kiki, but I didn’t vote for the reasons above.

I do think it would be okay for people from here to do @Toyger’s second poll about ‘would you join if we chose X?’ - if you’re sure you would join.


I was thinking same as the other, if they really wanted to do that book then they would be a great help for us who are at a lower state but really want to try it. And it was the leading vote for a long while, and last I checked only one vote shy, so looked like it actually would win (and still can) by our own account =)

It is one of three books that we are considering as possible choices for books, as a step up from manga (since it was not meant to be a manga club) as we feel like going even lower might be harder (as materials for even younger might be without kanji and other reasons given)

If people voted, it would be cause they wanted to join and be a part of it. Anyone is welcome to be part of both (I am too). And if it gets chosen on the basic the speed will be a completely different from if it got chosen here.
If you think it’s too hard for us and have other suggestion that might be better we would love to hear it =)
Personally I want to do the Scary Stories series, they feel easier. It was part of the vote but not very popular (while Kiki was)

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I understand the logic of having higher level readers to participate. But shouldn’t the beginner book club members choose books they feel are appropriate for them? I’d be pretty pissed if 30 beginner book club members came in and voted for a book that appeared in our poll but was rejected by the majority of their group. I feel that the groups were separated for the purpose of making sure people who wanted to practice their reading had a opportunity where they were not left behind.

Granted the numbers of the intermediate club pales in comparison to the beginner book club, the votes of 5-8 individuals to tilt the decision of a close poll one way or another is not fair for those who only have the beginner book club to participate in.

EDIT: I also ready the discussion about a possible Manga club and was puzzled why more people weren’t behind the idea. They definitely should be separate if people prefer that medium. However that was one of the original arguments that was brought up when the beginner book club was introduced at the start of choosing Autumn Prison. Finding beginner level books can be a bit of a challenge, especially when guidelines of what “beginner” actually means.