Intermediate Japanese Book Club (Currently reading: コーヒーが冷めないうちに)

I went ahead and ordered the book so I can have it ahead of time =P
Maybe I’ll start reading it instead, starting ahead so I actually can follow on the forum. Even though I have to look up way too much, it is a great way to pick up new words and phrases even if it takes me forever to finish =P

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My book is arriving next week!

Super behind on No.6 due to school starting and my schedule being crazy, but I just ordered Autumn Prison so hopefully I can persevere through No.6 before everyone starts the next book.

Either way, I’ll follow along as best I can because this has been really fun so far!


Im gonna try to jump in on this as well if nobody minds. I have autumn prison, does the discussion happen here and how much should i read when things start?

Oh and i also just ordered no.6 because i realized you guys were on that

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The discussion for Autumn Prison will have its own thread, just like how the No.6 discussion has a separate thread. I’m guessing the process will be similar: announce book choice (not sure if it’s official yet, but I think it’s going to be Autumn Prison), have a list of members with symbols to indicate whether they have the book, decide on a discussion start date, start new thread on that day. But the new book discussion won’t be for a while, certainly not until after we’ve finished No.6.

Welcome aboard!

Based on how the current No. 6 discussion thread has been progressing, I’m not sure if I like the direction this is going. Is it that the pace is too fast for everyone still? Or have a lot people who’ve committed to participating have become so busy that they aren’t able to comment on the discussion thread? Perhaps there are other extenuating circumstances? It just seems like the same 5 or 6 people are contributing the thread, that’s all.


Dunno about others, but for me it’s that I’m still extremely slow as well as being much busier than when I started. And even so, I have contributed a bit to the discussion. Could be that some are reading but simply don’t visit the forums very often, maybe some were (like me) a tad too optimistic about their reading level, maybe others just don’t have much to say?

As for me, I’m wishing I hadn’t seen the anime. It’s a big help with comprehension, but it also means I can’t engage much in speculation about plot-related stuff.

But I’m continuing to forge ahead and am hoping to reach Chapter 3 in time for the discussion (only 24 more pages… :sweat:).

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I would have liked to participate this time, but I also know that the content is just too difficult for me to read at an appreciable/appropriate pace for discussion. At my current pace I’m not sure I’ll be confident enough to join in until next year… *sigh*

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its a bit of all three, life happened, its a bit harder than I anticipated, and its really disheartening when you get so far behind.
I did see an earlier post about posing questions for discussion at the end of a chapter, but I haven’t seen too much of that (at least in the area of the discussion thread that I have read up to). Maybe that would spur a little more conversation?

That seems like a good idea - maybe we could appoint a different discussion leader each week/chapter to come up with a few? Might help make everything a little more organized, though we certainly don’t have to

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I’m lacking behind because I am travelling at the moment and just don’t find much time to read (or when I do i sometimes prefer a easier to read manga).
I think as soon as I settle down, I will definitely catch up and participate more in the discussion thread.

I am still looking regularily if there is something new in the thread though, and I enjoy all the content that you have produced in there so far.
Even if I’m not keeping up at the moment, the thread will be a nice reference for me when I eventually hit the discussed pages in the book.

Just to be clear, I wrote what I did to figure out if there’s something that could be done to increase activity on the thread. If busyness or other factors are hindering others from being able to contribute, perhaps we could change the pace reformat the structure of what were doing (as suggested by Snowflying) to make it more explicit that a discussion will happen? Although I have no problems with the current situation, I just feel bad that perhaps many people are being left behind, which would encourage some to give up on doing this altogether.


I am not able to read 5 page per day and with school someday I just can’t read. I’m at page 36. The good new is I pass from 2 hour per page to 30 minutes. Each level on wanikani save me about15 min of reading. I can’t participate much because i’m not really far but that book is helping me a lot. I’m not exactly sure that by slowing the pace or doing another thread we will be more to comment it will just split us more.

I’m simply not ready for it yet. I still bough the second book for the club though, as these will still be good reads once I’m ready, as I can look in on the forum even though the forum posts are old by then =P
I might try soldier through the second book, as I’ve gained more levels before it starts and I’ll have it ready before we begin instead of a few weeks late (slow shipping on the first book left me behind before we even started =/ )
I’m putting in some time on my workbooks instead for now, but I hope to gain enough to read along soon =)


I’m hoping to join everyone for Book 2 now, regardless of my level of grammar - if I get a sustainable job in time to purchase it. (I’m currently unemployed…)


If it’s looking like that’ll keep you from being able to join the next round, I’d be willing to buy two copies and have one shipped to you. Unless I’m missing something important, it doesn’t seem too much more expensive to just have one item ship to Canada and the rest ship to me, and the book itself is only ~$5 USD, so again, not much added cost (considering I’ll buy several things to make the most of it, what’s another $5 or so?). Assuming Amazon isn’t totally lying to me.

Serious – let me know if you’re interested. (And/or if my estimates are totally off. )


I don’t know if your estimates are off or not - totally depends on if you’re looking at or .com or .ca, I guess. And if you have Prime or whatever else or not. I’ve only ever been able to estimate shipping costs for myself, and not anyone else.

I really appreciate the offer. Not sure how soon I’d have to order to get it on time…

With global shipping from, the estimate is 3-6 days. I dunno if there’s additional customs stuff or anything for Canada, but if not, ordering now for example it would arrive next week.

And I bet there’ll be a week or two between books to allow for new club members/stragglers to get their books, so if we’re currently in Week 1 of Chpt 3, that’s like 5 weeks to finish this book plus another few after.

I’ve ordered a couple books from and they all arrived within 3 days. Well one was 4 days but it sat less than an hour away from my house for a day because of labor day, but that’s another matter.

Also, unless I"m horribly mistaken, has the book up on there for about 4.80 USD as well, if you don’t mind an ebook