Intermediate Japanese Book Club (Currently reading: コーヒーが冷めないうちに)

I used I had to buy a new copy of just the first volume, as this was the only option (at least that I could find) that shipped through Amazon and, therefore, would ship to the US.

Considering that cost around $13 with shipping, I am definitely opting for Kindle versions from now on, barring a particularly good deal on a physical copy.

SPOILER ALERT PAGE 2!!! (don’t know how to do the spoiler tag srry)

In the second page of the book the word 眼い is use often but I can’t find what it’s mean. 眼 is the kanji of eyeball. Can someone give me the definition and the reading pls?

Thx a lot

Looks like you’ve mixed up your kanji. They do look really similar.

眠い (ねむい) - sleepy
眠り(ねむり) - sleep/sleeping

(And I wouldn’t really call that a spoiler–it’s just one word, after all.)

You’re right thx for the help. It’s not really a spoiler indeed but I just wanted to be cautious

Thanks! I did try to google it in English, but only thing that came up for Door D, is a lot of Home Depot and Door Replacement sites. lol Thanks a bunch


@icefang97 Also, if you’re not already doing so, there is a separate discussion post about No.6 if you want to post stuff without fear of spoiling plot points for those who haven’t begun reading.

thx I didn’t know that

Hmm… The one I was looking at was also new, but I didn’t see a way to ship to the US. Did I just not look well enough?

Well, if it says “Fulfilled by Amazon,” that’s your best bet. Let me get you a link though…here’s the one I bought. On the page it says “Delivers to the United States,” so if this doesn’t work, I dont know what will.

That is the exact one I bought but I couldn’t figure out how to ship it to myself. Was I supposed to select a specific option or something? It wouldn’t allow me to put my zip code in.

Hmmm…no idea then, sorry. When you order it, it has you select a shipping address, right? At which point you would find out whether or not it ships to that address. I don’t know about entering a zip code or anything.

It’s okay, no need to apologize. :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s what I’m talking about. When I’m entering my shipping address, the postal code field does not allow me to put in the correct number of digits. I assume because it’s expecting a Japanese postal code.

Okay. Maybe this will help?

So, log in to your account. For this, I’m switching it to the English interface because that’s easier.

Then go to Your Account >

Then Add Address
And select United States in the Country field.
From there, you should be able to enter your address no problem.

Does that help at all?

(And Rose is actually my middle name – made a new account for this in case the setup is different between new and existing accounts, though it seems to be the same process either way.)

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Yes, that helps IMMENSELY! Thank you so much for taking the time to do that for me. I will try it that way next time I need to order something.

Very much appreciated! :yellow_heart:

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My book finally came in yesterday! I still can’t edit the main post if someone could possibly be so kind as to update my status, it’d be much appreciated. :sparkling_heart:

I’m really excited to start reading it but after looking at the first page I realize I probably won’t be able to keep up with the 5 pages a day reading speed, since it took me like 45 minutes to translate the first 5 sentences alone…

(Granted, that’s mostly b/c I had to look up kanji. The grammar seems mostly Genki I level, which is relieving.)

Do you want it changed to “have the book” or “reading”? I’ll just change it to “reading” for now, but if that’s wrong just let us know and I/someone will fix it.

Is the next book still being chosen? Has it been chosen yet? I want to participate this time around from the beginning.

There’s a link to the poll in the OP. Idea is to choose the new book before No.6 is finished so everyone has time to get a copy before we start again.

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Thankyou. I’m glad I made it in time.

I would also really like to join for book 2 :slight_smile: Can someone add me to the list please? :slight_smile: