Intermediate Japanese Book Club (Currently reading: コーヒーが冷めないうちに)

Sometimes I read together with my Favourite Japanese Guru™ who is of course far more advanced than I am. Usually, once I reach an unknown word, they have already conveniently opened it in Jisho :sunglasses: (we’ve only done this in real life so far). So was wondering how something like this might be done in an online session… Maybe somebody who is not reading can look up and paste the presumably unknown vocab to the chat as we read along?

Also, when we read together I usually give the translation at the same time as reading, i.e. right after I’ve read the Japanese sentence or sometimes even intermittently, after a relative clause or so, if the sentence is rather long. How did you handle that in the past? Would you just read the Japanese text and only translate on request?

Another idea: I’m attending a Japanese listening class where the teacher reads a story sentence by sentence, and the students repeat the sentence one after the other in Japanese. After that, the first student gives the English translation, and then the next student starts a new round. I.e. with three students it would be ABC repeat the Japanese sentence, A gives the translation, BCA repeat the next sentence, B gives the translation, and so on. Drawing on this, we could maybe try out a mode where one person reads a sentence and the next person gives the translation and so on. (I am thinking of this because quickly reading Japanese aloud can still be so brain-consuming for me that sometimes I am not even able to think much about the meaning…)

Anyway, I’d be super-interested in such a session, and of course everybody is welcome, whether they want to speak or not!


I’ve never done a session like that before but I’d imagine we wouldn’t translate where possible, because it does become a crutch. Of course explain grammar points and maybe translations of single vocab, but probably not whole sentences.

Also I love the idea but honestly, I’d be so full of anxiety I probably won’t actually speak even though I so desperately need to work on my pronunciation and speaking :persevere:


That’s a good point indeed.

No pressure :+1: You could just listen in and figure out what you want to do.

Full disclosure: I’m very slow at reading (and speaking, and understanding) so I am always afraid of boring others to death because of that…


The idea seems interesting, but I think I’d personally be way too anxious about it to actually be able to participate myself.


Possibly. All the vocab is already in Floflo (excluding misparses). I’m still not sure how I could possibly check vocab and think about a given “harder” sentence quickly enough to keep up with an upper intermediate reader’s pace. But I’m willing to listen in at least once. Just don’t expect me to speak. :grimacing:


Poll for the next book is here!

Please see the List of Proposed Books section in the first post for the details for each book. Every book has a difficulty associated with it (based on book club member voting) out of 5, where 1 means “no effort at all” and 5 means “impossible, even with everyone’s help”. The difficulty based on the book club member voting is next to each option in brackets (and are thus subjective).

We will most likely begin reading on March 9th, one week after the beginner book club starts reading their current pick. This will hopefully help people wishing to join both avoid being overwhelmed. As usual (in that other thread), if a manga wins first place, we will also read the second place winner right afterward.

I will close the poll within a week (and most likely before that), whenever it looks like voting has dried up. You can choose up to 5 options .

  • (Manga) Made in Abyss [2.73]
  • (Manga) Land of the Lustrous [2.15]
  • Kino’s Journey [2.65]
  • Your Name [2.94]
  • Wolf Children Ame & Yuki [2.32]
  • I Want to Eat Your Pancreas [2.58]
  • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya [2.50]
  • Rascal Does Not Drea of Bunny-Girl Senpai [2.50]
  • The Familiar of Zero [2.67]
  • 紅霞後宮物語 [3.00]
  • Magical Girl Raising Project [2.89]
  • The Closet of Nightmares [2.25]
  • Night Market [2.69]
  • Door D [3.00]

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Are my votes too obvious?


I do not see any pattern there :see_no_evil:


Wait, are you going to talk as well?? Will this be the so called legendary day???


I’m a little concerned that if I vote for a book, I’ll find it as hard to keep up with as 時をかける少女…

Omg the Seishun Buta Yarou Series was in the nominations how didn’t I notice it they have one of the best ships ever


Dang, looking back, there are a lot of really good books in there…


It’s working! :star_struck:
No longer working. :sweat_smile:

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I’m more interested in reading most of the nominations here than the current picks in the beginner club but I have many many doubts about whether I could keep up with the intermediate pace so I don’t know if I should vote.
I mean I’m currently catching up with 時をかける少女 so there is nothing I can say in my defense :sweat_smile:


Wow, votes are coming in fast!

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I swear… if it has magical girls, @seanblue is in :joy:



i won’t vote on anything, just waiting till whichever starts and jump in :slight_smile:
still reading through harry potter, which by the way would be great, too. fits the level. it’s nice though to be busy with a book until the title is decided, then go with the flow and not chomp it all down in a couple days.
i just love reading too much to hold back.

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If it has magical girls with a dark twist!



Yay voting! The hype is real


I have had the thread open in a tab all morning just waiting for the poll to go live so I can watch :sweat_smile: