Intermediate Japanese Book Club (Coming Soon: 地球星人)

Still much faster than I could read it. :joy:

Just out of curiosity has anyone read Tsubasa by Clamp? I love that manga, but I’m not sure if it’s appropriate for this club in terms of how difficult it is :thinking:

I haven’t. Clamp is generally well regarded though. I watched the Kobato anime and liked it for the most part.

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Oh, I loved Kobato. Both the manga and anime a pretty good. (Don’t watch the Tsubasa anime though, it doesn’t do the manga any justice at all, I’ve actually rarely seen anything worse :joy:)

I’ve been thinking of rereading the series and figured I might as well do it in Japanese (and here if people are interested and it’s challenging enough)

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You could always just nominate it and see what people think.

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yeah I might just do that :thinking:

I don’t have anything left to nominate or read samples for, so I’m good whenever. Anyone else waiting on anything other than maybe the manga from @Kyayna?

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12 or 13 seems like a good number of books to me!

Thanks! Something’s (slightly) off on the rounding because this should be a 2.50. No idea if there’s a larger issue.

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I’ve read all the samples, so I’m good to go whenever you guys are.

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I think Angel Tenshi was going to nominate something? Maybe Land of the Lustrous?


Right, so waiting on the manga nomination from @AngelTenshi too then. @Naphthalene Do we want to close nominations Thursday or Friday instead of waiting until Sunday? Then open the actual nomination poll Friday or Saturday? Looks like my poll says everyone should get 5 votes.


I was gonna write up Made in Abyss too.


Better get on that then. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Another casualty of Amazon Strike for me :pensive: so please do!

I noticed. That’s probably because I’m summing floats instead of actually counting who voted for a given option. I’ve seen 3.01 instead of 3.00
I figured it didn’t really affect the difficulty, so I left it as is, but I will still fix it at some point.

Yeah, if that’s the only issue it shouldn’t have any material difference.

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It’s soo goood
unintentionally rubs it in

It is on Japanese netflix now though

Also I may have more things I want to vote for than I realized aaahh


I don’t think it’s that bad :frowning:

I’m fine with that too, but I figured a few days more isn’t going to hurt, and it’s easier for people to write a nomination on the weekend. It also give more time to people to read the samples and vote on difficulty.
But other than that, we are probably good to go as soon as @AngelTenshi and @Belthazar have posted their nomination I guess :thinking:


If it’s any consolation, I think it looks interesting! The premise doesn’t really grab me but just that brief bit of character interaction in the sample piqued my interest.

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