Interesting review session!

It’s the start of 2019 (at least where I am!) and just wanted to share this review session I had last night which comprised of only a single item:

This was my second last review of 2018 and that means that one of my last reviews of the year last year is the vocabulary for last year!

Haha forgive me that was lame. 昨年 has been one of my leeches for a while because I kept entering ‘previous year’ as its meaning. Hoping that I could un-leech it now that this interesting thing happened :joy:

Do you have any interesting review sessions?


so awesome! Let’s all leave our leeches in last year!


Woo! :partying_face: Congratulations on studying on New Year’s Eve. I managed to just barely make my goal on hitting level 16.

Now I have to learn and review all of the vocabulary items I skipped over to make it here by the cutoff.


I agree! Let 2019 be a year of un-leeching!

Thanks and congratulations to you too! Oh dear, that’s a lot of items in the lesson queue. All the best in clearing all those and remember that there is no harm in slowing down if you ever find that 300+ is such a huge thing to clear. Slowly but surely!

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I failed burning it.

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Status report:

Backlog cleared!


Oh no :disappointed_relieved: It happens… Hope you had burned many more turtles after that!

Good job! Must have taken lotssss of work. This is no small feat :grin:

I had another interesting session today! Where I am, it marks the first day of the Chinese New Year. We would wish one another good health and prosperous wealth for the upcoming year ahead. Coincidence or not, I burned this vocabulary in my first review session of the day!

裕福!The vocabulary for ‘wealth’. Certainly a pleasant start to my day and year :grin:


Happy New Year!

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The other day, I learnt the vocab for parent and child bowl while I was cooking myself a parent and child bowl.

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Haha I had a similar revelation about 親子丼 myself! Although my case was after I learnt the kanji for 親 and 子. I stumbled upon Oyakodon on a restaurant menu and wondered why it was a parent and child bowl only to realise how tragic it is to have chicken and egg on the same dish :cry:


My teacher taught us this vocab yesterday! (though I learned it on my own in a restaurant as well) More interestingly, he also taught us 他人丼, which is the same but with any other meat that’s not chicken, like pork or beef.

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