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I’ve been studying Japanese for ~2 years now, and in that time I’ve primarily focused on kanji learning, reading, and grammar, casual listening practice, and not much speaking practice

I’ve been using HelloTalk off and on to intermittently chat with natives, but I’ve yet to have had an on-the-spot conversation either through a voice call or face-to-face, I’ve pretty much only ever had conversations talking to myself during commutes and such :upside_down_face:

Well, something amazing happened this weekend and I still can’t really believe it – I met some Japanese natives who live in the area and don’t speak English, and I was able to have a lengthy conversation lasting for well over 30 min with them! I didn’t really know what to expect after initially asking them if they’re Japanese, but I was somehow able to find all the right words and actually speak/understand/respond fluently, I think I was as shocked as they were :see_no_evil:

In addition to all the 上手s I got, I also ended up exchanging numbers with one of them for further language exchange and possible event meetups with other Japanese people they know ^^ they were very kind and encouraging, it was a huge confidence boost for me, especially because there are still times where I come across things and feel like I know nothing :hear_no_evil:

(Also, shoutout to WaniKani + Kaniwani for all the vocab words I was able to miraculously remember while I was speaking :high_touch: it certainly helped increase the depth of conversation we were able to have)

I suppose the moral of this story is that you may have (a lot) more latent knowledge than you think/give yourself credit for, and if the opportunity presents itself to test your Japanese, take it! You never know where it may lead :durtle_the_explorer:

Thanks for reading c:


Thanks for writing this and for being awesome c:




That’s amazing. Good job Misky!


y-you’re amazing!

Thanks broxie c:


That’s very encouraging. Thanks for sharing :smiley:

In addition to all the 上手s I got

This made me grin a lot.


Hahah the 上手s are inevitable :durtle_the_explorer:

I’m glad my experience could be encouraging to you too :smiley:

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Wooh, awesome @MissMisc!

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That very exciting to read! Thanks for sharing.

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Or you are just simply that good.

Come on, we all know you’re one of the best here <3

So happy for your experience :3


Haha noooooo not by far! I still have a long way to go :see_no_evil: but thank you for the vote of confidence, I aspire to reach that kind of level one day :yellow_heart: ^^


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Pffff you still don’t understand. Once you finish WK you finish the game.


Good job Miss! I’m so proud of you. I hope to one day be able to experience the same thing. I’ve tried to organize language exchange things myself to do so but each one ended up poorly. One thing that makes it really terrible to set up is the time zone difference. The times when I really want to try most of Japan is already sleeping :frowning:
The times when I’m nearly going to bed is when it’s morning in Japan and they’re just starting to wake up which still doesn’t even seem like a great time for them.
Ahh the struggle of living so far away from Japan D:

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As soon as I burn that last turtle I’ll level up to N0 :durtle_the_explorer:

Thank you! ^^ and I feel you on this, something like HelloTalk can be great if you actually find long-term language exchange partners

I had some promising ones, and I was hoping after chatting for a while we’d transition to occasional voice chats to practice real-time conversational skills, but then they disappeared off the face of the earth D;

And yeah the time difference isn’t ideal, sometimes it can fall apart even if you plan it I suppose :upside_down_face: I will certainly treasure the chance encounter I had this weekend, I know for many (including myself), it’s not easy to come by

Wishing for you to be able to experience the same thing and build that confidence in speaking :green_heart: 頑張って ! (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑


You can not finish. You are always an apprentice. Don’t believe me? have a look WaniKani / Profile / MissMisc (Level 60 Apprentice). There is no escape. Portal said it ~~ The cake is a lie.

Must have been hard not to use gifs :exploding_head: (looks at wall of shame Reparation and Shock ~ Yeah) :stuck_out_tongue: but seriously Congrats :+1:


I had a conversation with a friend who took a Japanese course, but the level was too low for her and she got bored and gave up. Years later she started another course, this time slightly higher than her level and she was much happier because she felt more encouraged by the steady challenge of trying to keep up with the teacher.

We should all challenge ourselves and step out of our comfort zone. Several times I have heard Japanese spoken near me (in public) and never once I had the courage to perhaps say one or two nice greetings to them. Maybe if I did that, I could also get new Japanese language exchange friends!





stay away, b-baka! :durtle_stabby::durtle_stabby:

Is the cake a lie? Are kanji a lie? Are we a lie? All these secrets and more to be revealed at level 60!


thank you c:




what the heck is my phone doing