Instrument influenced by 曲?

I have always thought 曲 looks like this Roland SPD sampler. It has six pads on the front like the kanji and it’s Japanese designed musical instrument so I wonder if it was influenced by 曲.


Back when the ancient Chinese masters invented Kanji they were all jamming out to some monster tunes created on their Roland SPD Samplers.

I’m guessing “曲” is a Koto, from the Chinese Guzheng, kinda looks like one… but then why is the kanji for a Koto “箏” :thinking:

I’d be interested in learning why, hopefully a wise master in Kanji will answer :grin:


Try here

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Well, the kanji also means “bend” so the ideogram comes from a bent object:

Not sure how the meaning “music” got attached to it…


The meaning “music” is attached to 曲 after the release of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon with the cover of a prism bending a beam of light and dispersing it into various colours.


This is from The Key to Kanj:


This is funny.

Comments on the MPC60?

This one seems key to understanding the “music” aspect, as it’s tied to a specific composition, or tune, or even melody. That is much closer to what the original meaning is, with the ups and downs of a melody, the bending of a string, or even the sheet of music (that’s a personal way I like reading it in).

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