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As a student, I was wondering—Koichi and the rest of the Tofugu team, have you guys thought about some sort of an institutional subscription option that universities could buy and give access to their students? At least in the US, there are funds for such things, and might help some students save some money!


I guess they’re trying to improve the system so that they can go scaling after. I know nothing about computers, but the API v2 seems to be a proof of my argument o:

This would be great for language schools. If someone could design a well integrated course with a focus on grammar and conversation while letting WK handle kanji and a large part of vocab, I’d pay for that.


If someone wants to do this your best bet is probably to email and ask about it.

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If anyone emails them and gets a reply, please tell us! I would love this to be a thing

I don’t know about Tofugu’s long-term plans, but this general concept will eventually become a thing.

But the challenge is that teachers (college professors especially) want to retain control of the learning. Turning it over to an outside source, even partly so, diminishes their own perceived value, whether truly so or not. To succeed as a prescribed classroom supplement, the platform would likely need to adapt to teachers’ methodology, content, and pace.

It could be done, but I suspect it would be a different (or separate) business plan.


To dovetail upon that as well, on an institutional level there’s a lot of content that could be considered quite offensive used in the the mnemonics on this site. In order for institutions to adopt WK without being criticized for promoting possibly offensive content, the developers would most likely have to revamp all their content. Even on an individual level, faculty members encouraging their students to use it (as a resource outside of class), expose themselves to being criticized if their students go to the dean about offensive content they’ve come across on a website the faculty member suggested.


yeah I was gonna say they’d have to rewrite a LOT of the site to make it comply to any kind of educational institution…

We offer institutional licenses for organizations who qualify.

At the moment a representative has to email us at for details.

We have been (slowly) working towards implementing a more streamline system for group management. It is getting there.


Comforting to know that institutions aren’t afraid of hard gay or the boob grave :grin:


Thanks for the info, I’ll see how to go about that.

And I haven’t even thought about the content… I wonder what my uni would say

Ah, the classic boob grave.


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