Instantly losing connection

Since about 2 weeks ago I haven’t been able to use WaniKani at all on my work computers (I have a lot of downtime and it’s where I do the majority of my kanji study). The computers have Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers installed, both of which are losing connection after the first kanji I study or review. Didn’t find any info that solved the issue so thought I would post. Are both of these browsers no longer supported?


It’s strange that Microsoft Edge is also not working though :thinking:

I’m not as familiar with Edge, but maybe very old versions aren’t much better than IE11 in terms of support? :thinking:

Any chance you can get your IT department to update to the Chromium version of Edge?

While we don’t support IE 11 anymore, we aren’t doing anything new/different in the last two weeks (or several months before that) that would cause it to die. And Edge is pretty decent from the high teens on up, so it seems to point to a networking problem more than a browser support issue.

Are your lessons and reviews working at home? Has anything changed in the last couple weeks on the work computers? Ad blocking, firewalls, etc.? If you go to the Tools menu, open the Developer Tools (F12), then go to the console, is there anything in the output that looks like errors?


“Instantly” or “constantly”?

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Both of them

Thanks for this, I’ll take a look on Monday.

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