Instant burn?

I took some time off WK because they added kana words and I did not want to waste my time doing them. I was hoping by now they would have done something about it.

Any scripts currently working that can instant burn.

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Nope, not possible.

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Filter out is possible, I think.

Like Reorder Omega, or most mobile apps.

It was at one time… but totally due to an “undocumented feature” (i.e. bug). You could submit a review with a negative number of incorrect answers, and it would “drop” your SRS level by a negative amount. I actually have two WK items on my test account that are burned, yet have only one review each. But Viet fixed the bug years when I pointed it out after accidentally discovering it while writing scripts. (I’ve wondered if the recently rewritten code has a similar oversight, but I’ve never bothered to check.)


Closet I think could be done is a script that auto answers them correctly. Could even make script to run in background and answer them as soon as soon as they’re available.


I’m working on an app that does this right now. Look out for it in the next couple of weeks.

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That’s awesome!!! Will do. Seriously surprised WK has not done anything about the problem they made by forcing katakana for all levels.

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Removing Kana from all Lessons and Reviews is actually very easy, with WK Queue Manipulator. There might already be a script to tick to remove some items.

Example code
wkQueue.on('lesson,review').addFilter(q => q.filter(i => i.subject.subject_category !== `KanaVocabulary`), {subject: true})

It doesn’t auto-mark as correct, though. I have an idea on how to auto-fill the answer, but not to hit Enter; so there might be a better answer in the forum somewhere.

Another part is, whether the numbers of Reviews and Lessons are needed to be faked.