Installing Wanikani Open Framework

I think Wanikani switched some things around and the scripts are looking for the API key in the wrong place. I have this exact same problem. Kind of careless from WK to make a change that breaks all the scripts without notifying beforehand.

  1. Web scraping is not supported by WaniKani, so any script developer who does this does so at their own risk.
  2. WaniKani did announce this change ahead of time, and even explicitly mentioned that it could break scripts scraping for API keys.

Yep. Unfortunately, without know what the new apikey page was going to look like, I couldn’t prepare a fix in advance without rewriting the apikey code entirely. But now that it’s live, the Open Framework is patched and uploaded.

Anyone who is having trouble, be sure to update your Open Framework script [here]


I have a question about using this and other Userscripts in a sandbox-like environment. I’m using an OSX app called Fluid which allows you to turn any website into it’s own individual application instance.

This is a picture of the Userscripts interface which allows you to add scripts and (I think?) define the URL’s which the scripts have access to run on.

And here is the result:

The Golden Burn Userscript & Ultimate Timeline Userscript as pictured, both work as they would in a any browser environment. However when I try to add other scripts such as the WaniKani Open Framework, Lightning Mode, or Double-Check Userscripts in a similar fashion, these scripts don’t seem to run at all on the reviews or lessons pages.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing the discrepancy between working userscipts?

Does Fluid have a Javascript console that you could look at for error info?

There is a web console available to view, but it doesn’t seem to display errors or any input data like with Chrome or Safari.

I can also note that these are the current Security Preferences set.

Happy to experiment or try suggestions.

If I had a Mac, I’d be better equipped to make suggestions :thinking:

As a starting point, I guess you could put this (below) at the beginning of a script to see if Fluid actually does output to its console, and see if the script is running at all:

console.log("Can you see me?");

Appreciate the help! It does output to the console, I’ll try contacting the developer directly. Thanks for all of the scripts and contributions to the community!

By the way, Lightning Mode and Double-Check may not work well together, which is why I added the lightning mode functionality into Double Check.

Noted, thank you for the heads up! Both were extremely convenient on later levels and batches to maximize efficiency culling new Kanji progression. :smiley:

@CyrusS this thread should be pinned to the top of the API subforum



I was able to successfully run the Userscripts and Open Framework by explicitly declaring the URL’s which need the script to execute.

Thanks again!

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Hi! Not sure if I’m totally missing something here, but I’ve installed this script and it’s just not working. I got the pop up message that lead me to this thread. Note that I had to refresh the page like 40 times before I could actually read the message, as it just kept on popping up then disappearing.

I’m using a MacBook Air, Google Chrome and Tampermonkey. Here’s a screenshot of the Tampermonkey installed user scripts:

Anything obvious I should check?

It seems that you have installed the Dashboard Progress Plus script. Now install another script called “Wanikani Open Framework” (the title of this thread). The Open Framework has to be the script at the top of that list (you can drag-and-drop to reorder scripts, at least in Violentmonkey).

Knew I missed something simple - thank you!

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@rfindley After I updated my Firefox, seems every script that depends on WK Open Framework had stopped working.

I wonder why @Dani2’s WK Dashboard Leech Tables script still works. :thinking:

It’s working fine for me on the same version. So, it’s most likely a crashed indexedDB, which Firefox is notorious for corrupting.

First, check for errors on the Javascript console (press F12 and click on the Console tab), and post a screen-capture of any errors.

Then try clearing cache, which hopefully will reset the indexedDB.

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It’s working perfectly fine again now after I cleared cache. Thanks!


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Heya, I think my WKOF script is no longer working on Firefox. Have been having this problem for three days now on my phone, and I’m on holiday without a laptop so it’s a real pain in the bum. The past few months all WKOF dependent script have been working just fine, but suddenly stopped working on 21-08. I first thought it was a Violent Monkey issue and completely replaced it with Tamper Monkey, but that didn’t resolve the issue. Later on I discovered my ignore script was still working which led me to the conclusion that it might be a WKOF issue. I have more details in the thread I made about the issue.

Upon arrival here I also saw the cache clearing trick, but that unfortunately didn’t work for me. Would you perhaps know what is the problem?