Installing Wanikani Open Framework

I’ve never changed my lesson ordering setting. Do you also enable Lightning mode from Double Check setting? Those “apprentice n”, “guru n” etc were kind of swallowed in a flash. Double Check worked fine before I enabled Lightning mode and before I uninstalled WK Lightning Mode (cos I thought it’d be redundant to have two user scripts to do one same thing = to lightning mode while reviewing).

Okay, so it seems the issue is that DoubleCheck doesn’t show the SRS Level in lightning mode.

I’ll fix that, and add it as an option (i.e. to optionally override the WK user setting when in Lightning Mode).

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I’ll have some reviews in 25 minutes, I’ll check the settings, but I think it is the lightning mode (I didn’t know Double check had that mode, but now that you mention it I remember that both the auto-advance and no SRS Level started at the same time)

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Ah, and I assume you’ll also fix the info page that would automatically be loaded if a user answered a review item wrong? The last time I used Double Check, I had to press “f” manually to show the info page whenever I was wrong, unlike WK Lightning Mode alone.

I’ll use WK Double Check again once it’s fixed. Thanks!

After disabling the lighting mode everything worked as always, thanks!!!

This is new.

… It was a bit of a surprise when re-installing your Self Study Quiz. *shrugs* But if your amazing scripts run on it, installed it shall be!

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Ahhh… So that’s the reason.

Been running on Chrome on an Android tablet for so long, I missed all these script-related updates. Hmm…

However none of it is working, still. Is there a reason why Greasemonkey no longer works?

Greasemonkey went wonky a while ago, something to do with how browser extensions and plugins work. I use Tampermonkey and it works just fine.

… Is that the only data?

Do I need different links/versions of the scripts, or Greasyfork still works fine? I’d have to reinstall them, though, right?

(I’m currently so tired and a bit on the frustrated side right now…)

First thing I could find:

The scripts should all work fine on tampermonkey, all it really does is load in the javascript to the relevant pages in a particular order.

Yeah, I did spend some time trying to change the order in Greasemonkey, but was unable to find them however I looked (which weirdly, used to be an option when it used to open another browser tab!!!).

In tampermonkey, at least in chrome, its as simple as click and drag when you sort by load order.

@rfindley is it possible that the “anti-leech script” and “app store” website is down? I’m getting a connection refused, and the leeches and app store aren’t working anymore…

Those haven’t worked for several months and have nothing to do with Open Framework.

You can use Self Study and Additional Filters as another way to do leech training if you want.

Oh, I beg your pardon for my inattention. I should have searched a bit better first - for some reason I thought these were also rfindley’s scripts.

Too bad that these scripts aren’t working anymore but yeah, I’ll manage with the ones you suggested. Thank you.

Hello @rfindley
Good day. I am wondering why the script just stopped working. I already reinstalled the open framework and put it in #1 order from the script dashboard, then reinstalled the wanikani ultimate timeline. I don’t see any errors from the console as well. Any thoughts? thanks

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It seems to have stopped working for me too while I was doing lessons, I’m using safari on macos

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The latest update added a settings menu; this seems to have broken the script for some people, but not others. It seems that a fix is going to be pushed out shortly, if it hasn’t already:


Thanks for the input bud! I will just wait then. Have a nice day.

thank you!!