Installing Wanikani Open Framework


I’ve never changed my lesson ordering setting. Do you also enable Lightning mode from Double Check setting? Those “apprentice n”, “guru n” etc were kind of swallowed in a flash. Double Check worked fine before I enabled Lightning mode and before I uninstalled WK Lightning Mode (cos I thought it’d be redundant to have two user scripts to do one same thing = to lightning mode while reviewing).


Okay, so it seems the issue is that DoubleCheck doesn’t show the SRS Level in lightning mode.

I’ll fix that, and add it as an option (i.e. to optionally override the WK user setting when in Lightning Mode).


I’ll have some reviews in 25 minutes, I’ll check the settings, but I think it is the lightning mode (I didn’t know Double check had that mode, but now that you mention it I remember that both the auto-advance and no SRS Level started at the same time)


Ah, and I assume you’ll also fix the info page that would automatically be loaded if a user answered a review item wrong? The last time I used Double Check, I had to press “f” manually to show the info page whenever I was wrong, unlike WK Lightning Mode alone.

I’ll use WK Double Check again once it’s fixed. Thanks!


After disabling the lighting mode everything worked as always, thanks!!!