Installation of subs2srs on MacOS Catalina

Hello again,

I have tried so many times to install wine on MacOS cataline. But it shows error says about this problem.

Is there any solution yet? Badly need to use subs2srs. :frowning:
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I don’t think you actually uploaded the screenshot.

The official stable Wine builds are still not compatible with Catalina. If you really need Wine on Catalina you can try Run Microsoft Windows software on Mac, Linux and ChromeOS | CodeWeavers (commercial product), but it’ll probably be a while yet before the open source version is compatible.

You can install a virtual machine with Mojave that runs under Catalina, but that’s quite a bit of work. Have a look at How to Run 32-Bit Apps in macOS Catalina | PCMag for that.

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I havent used wine and im not sure if you specifically want to use a virtual os, but if you need windows on mac you can use bootcamp. I currently switch between bootcamp windows and normal mac os with the latest update catalina 10.15.1

You would need to partition your hard drive which means setting aside a specific amount of your hard drive space for windows.

I should add that performance wise, bootcamp outperforms virtual os’.


As far as I know thats not possible yet. I personally uses movies2anki on my linux install, it should work on Mac too. It may be worth looking into, might be easier than getting wine running.

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Unfortunately, the screenshot was deleted. sorry. Nevermind.

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