Insomnia and an unexpected japanese learning resource

Sometimes I have trouble sleeping. My mind just overthinks everything and can’t relax.

I have found that really calm voices reading and talking help me fall asleep. So I have favorited a bunch of youtube channels that have audiobooks, or “help to sleep meditations” (I know… but they work).

One day I wondered, if there are similar resources available in japanese youtube? And I searched 寝られない and there it was!

This channel does videos that have some kind of shuffle words technique. He repeats words in japanese every few seconds and you are just asked to imagine them briefly in your mind. This supposedly relaxes your cognitive state and helps you get to sleep. It works, the longer it ever took me to fall asleep with this method is 20 minutes.

There is the added benefit that you get to hear the words in japanese, in good and clear intonation, a random listening check of everyday words. While you fall asleep and while you sleep. This can’t be bad :smile: so I suggest it strongly to my fellow japanese learners with trouble falling asleep.

There are also a lot of 朗読 options, if you want to hear someone reading japanese text to help you fall asleep.


I wanted to make the post in the listening comprehension thread, but wrote it after seeing your thread (one of several new threads about lack of sleep!).

I hope it can help! ^>^

And thanks for sharing that video channel! (I’ll be checking it out!)

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Very informative and, as you said, the intonation and pronunciation is to my layman’s ears sublime. :slight_smile: Thank you.

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