Input jukugo which cannot directly typed in computer

Make this post because i can’t find existing thread.

How do you typed words which cannot directly typed when using computer?

example : 雅致 がち (elegant)

I’m can’t input がち directly to produce 雅致。
So my method is writing other words contain those kanji and delete manually. I have no choice.

I’m type 優雅 first, delete kanji 優.
Then added 致す, delete す
雅致 created, but I’m feel this not proper way to typing jukugo.

Most common words usually can be input directly, i wonder 雅致 is kind of exception.

Do you have similar type of words which can’t directly type? And is there a way to type in better, “proper way.”

Thanks in advance.
(also please ignore my level)

雅致 works for me.

try typing ga and spacing until you find 雅 and do the same with chi. After that it should work.

EDIT: proof

Thanks for response.

No matter I’m try, I’m cannot produce 雅致 in single space bar hit. It always give me 勝ち instead.

Typing が・雅 and ち・致 separately works.


Is my computer too old?

I don’t know if this word is just not common enough to appear as an auto correct or not.
The method of going one word at a time seems to be the best bet.

However, did you know you can control which characters to highlight when searching for a word or phrase?
First type out がち and press the spacebar once but instead of going down the list immediately, hold the shift key and use the arrows to go back one character. Now が should have a darker underline than ち.
Now you may search for 雅 words and 致 words without having to backspace at all.

It’s useful to know this trick when typing out longer sentences.
It’s a lame joke but ぱんつくったことある can turn out to be
パン作った and パンツ食った。
Make bread and eat panties.


And once you teach it that that’s what you want from がち it should remember.

What IME are you using? I made a video for a 100% way to add words for microsoft ime.

This is works, thank you sir.

I’m never holding shift to pass through conversion, but this give me instant 雅致 .

I’m still not fully knowing IME shorthand and tricks and never imagine this method before.

Thank you for your effort making video. I’m really appreciated. Glad finally at least I know another technique to doing kana conversion without auto correct built-in.

My IME is same as yours, native Microsoft IME, windows 8 thought.

Windows solved. At home I will try similar tricks above on macOS, because as i remember when I’m trying がち in macOS, it still behave similarly with windows if using auto correct feature.

Also, this community i warm place, even considered I’m not actually member, it’s great to get some useful advice from senior member here.

Thanks all.

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