Input error

I keep putting in the kunyomi for 脳 but it keeps saying that’s the wrong reading? Also on my computer, it wasn’t taking any input at all and vibrating no matter what.

What were you inputting for the kunyomi of 脳? There isn’t one listed on the site, because 脳 doesn’t really have one. You can find some sites that list one, but many other dictionaries list none, so it’s either extremely rare or non-standard.

With regard to vibrating endlessly on desktop, that’s usually a sign that you have more than one window of WaniKani open, which leads to conflicts between them.


I’ve experienced this only once. I refreshed and everything was fine after. I haven’t encountered this bug since then.

I encounter this bug at least every other session. It happens quite often. I just keep clicking until it takes it or I do what you do.

Sometimes erasing it and typing it again works

If this works, then a likely problem is that you have a space between one character or before your input. Sometimes the space is so small that you can’t actually see it. Can you see the one in my first sentence?

Usually there isn’t a space. I’ll type it until it takes it. I only do that when I know it is the right answer.

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