Incorrect vocabulary and leveling up progress

Do incorrect vocabulary answers effect your progress? When I make mistakes, it’s usually the vocabulary, and not the radicals or Kanji.

If I have a a long list of vocabulary in my review, does it hold up my progress in the course, or does it just mean more reviews?

Thank you :slight_smile:

No, vocabulary has no impact on leveling up. You’ll just have them in reviews until you get them right often enough to get them out.


okay, thank you.

The criteria for leveling up is >90% of the current level’s radicals/kanji to Guru, so vocabulary has absolutely no bearing on your advancement.

That being said, I’d still consider the vocabulary (which are genuine Japanese words) the most important thing you’ll learn here :wink:


yeah, that’s why I was wondering, I want to keep on studying them until I know them perfectly :slight_smile:

I have a question. I’m in level 11, and I can’t even get one of the radicals. I think it’s because I haven’t completed the vocabulary of level 10. Is this assumption true?

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That’s correct. Using the default WaniKani settings, you’ll get all your previous level’s vocab before the new level’s content. You can change this to shuffled in the WaniKani settings if you want.

If you want even more flexibility, you can also check out [Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter, which would let you mix radical, kanji, and vocab lessons together in whatever combination you wanted.


Thank you very much

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