Incorrect apostrophe in hint text for 右

Narwhal’s = Belonging to a narwhal
narwhals = More than one narwhal

I hope that you will see my desire that WK be the best it can be grammatically and decide not to lynch me. :smiley:

I choose to interpret this as the sentence not being finished. Maybe the Narwhal was going to have a live concert or something???

Also, Narwhal shouldn’t be capitalized, should it?

Ok, I can see where you are going. Here’s a few possible sentences then:

  1. … where the narwhals live. (More than one narwhal lives here.)
  2. … where The Narwhals’ live is scheduled. (The Narwhals are having a concert here.)
  3. … where the narwhal’s live is scheduled. (One narwhal is having a concert here.)
  4. … where the Narwhal’s live soldiers train. (The narwhals’ leader has the title ‘Narwhal’ and he trains his soldiers where he keeps his jets.)
  5. … where the narwhal’s live garden is planted. (He has a rock garden somewhere else.)

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These are all really cute! And great find! (I didn’t read the mnemonics back at those levels…)