Inconsistent?!: Radicals: Square, Kanji: Square, Vocabulary: Long list difficult to read

I like to review the list of words. I should do it more often. But I dislike how things are inconsistent.

With the choices of radicals (blue), kanji (pink) and vocabulary (purple) I find it frustrating that the vocabulary is a long list rather than squares like radicals and kanji.

Why is this?

Also, I would be helpful to move the square around to focus on ones we have trouble with to review them more easily.

Kind of a rant. Any reasons for the inconsistency?

It might be best to use one of the user scripts for review, or one of your phone apps.

But at any rate, I assume the inconsistency comes from the fact that the levels have a small number of radicals and Kanji while usually over a 100 vocab words, and the vocab words can vary in length to be either a single character or like 6 in the more extreme cases

Can you suggest a user script?

Regarding length, it’s solved with bigger squares! The list is just way harder to read.

Heh, 宜しくお願いします would take up a whole row of squares on its own.

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The WaniKani Stats site also shows the vocab in boxes. You’ll need to stick your API v2 key into it.


same for お誕生日おめでとう w

Yes. Yes. Yes.
Thank you.

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