Inability to think of a response... In any language!

So I have a question in my homework, which is around the use of ~方 (I’m sure there’s a pun in there somewhere). I’ve been asked to write a reply to the following:


Well… I don’t know what response is needed? My introverted self just wants to say “Yes, I’ll help”, or “No, I don’t even know myself!” They’ve given me two whole lines as well, so that doesn’t bode well for my yay or nay idea.

Any ideas?


Yeah, that’s kind of a weird question for sure. Maybe just write down what you’re using to learn vocabulary? Like Wanikani.

フラッシュカードを使ってみたらどうですか。僕はankiというアプリで単語を覚えますけど… Why don’t you try using flashcards? I use an app called anki to memorize words.

I dunno this would be my first response but I don’t know if your homework wants you to practice any specific grammar or actually give an in depth explanation of how to remember words :sweat_smile:

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This is exactly why I had trouble with it, trying to incorporate the 方 in an answer felt really weird to me. As it turns out (and thank you for the suggestion) I went with flashcards in the end. I don’t have any particular way to learn vocab, just as I come across it and use it in the homework.

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Glad I’m not the only one who thought it an odd question! :joy:

You don’t have any particular thing you do to learn vocab?

Oh, wait, you do! Just explain that… Homework is explicitly designed to be a way to help you learn.

I’m curious why you used the word “help”. I would interpret 単語の覚え方を教えてくれませんか as merely “please tell me how you learn words”. I mean, it could be that the person wants to use your method or something, but that doesn’t seem to necessarily be the case. But it’s definitely the case that you are learning them somehow.

Don’t people ask this question on this site like… 12 times a day?


Can you write up a simple mnemonic story? Or explain that you use stories to remember vocab?

You can add “benkyou no shikata” to the sentence, if all you’re unsure about is how to add “way of doing” to it.

Ah, it’s not that the question itself is weird, it’s just that I got the impression from the OP that it just stood there in isolation, like there was no lead up to that role-play. I have no idea though what their other questions usually look like so not even sure how I got the impression in the first place :man_shrugging: . You and heisamaniac have already given good responses here.

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:stuck_out_tongue: No, no, I’m pretty sure my teacher would disagree :rofl:.

I interpreted this the same way, but my automatic response at those times is an uncertain I’ll try to help. Hence why I said I don’t even know how I should respond. I don’t find conversation even in my native language particularly easy to do (not a people person). The very idea of someone asking me for help is… :exploding_head:

I went with flashcards in the end, but Wanikani is an excellent resource.

Also, sorry for the late reponses. Laptop is in being repaired, so I’ve only got access to a computer for a short time.

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