In the ZONE!

Just thought I’d share that I’m in the ZONE right now! Some days/weeks/months I’ve found it so hard to be motivated. The review count stacks up to 5/6/7/800 and any new kanji just seem to take weeks to become familiar.

But now, I’m at level 22 and I’m experiencing a full on FLOW MOMENT with kanji. I seem to be able to remember new kanji in minutes rather than weeks. Readings and jukugo are on the tip of my tongue… and I can’t WAIT for my new lessons and reviews to come available. WK names this section of the 1-60 as ‘DEATH’ while the early section was named ‘PLEASANT’. For me it’s totally the other way around. Pure inertia at the beginning.

Did I reach critical mass? Is there a point at which it all seems to make sense? Is it external factors? Dunno. But it’s fun!

If you’re struggling, keep this in mind!


Yes. :slight_smile:


I have similar exp i’m level 18 and while i’m not in the ZONE I enjoy more this lessons than the firsts ones, I think for what I read they labeled hell because at this point the reviews start to pile up a bunch not because of the kanji it self. even if you enjoy kanji they will pile up if you continue your normal count of new kanji every day.

The Story of @Timetourist, Probably

hecc yes it’s lesson time!

wait whoa wow look at all these new kanji I’m learning them so fast!

and now, time for those reviews


all of the readings and meanings are coming so quickly to me!

maximum overdriiiiiiive!

I am in… the ZONE™


neat :durtle_vin:





…I am so brainwashed, all I can think of are Auto Zone commercials.

“Get in the zone! AUTO ZONE

slinks away


区域に入って! 自動区域!

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My mind deviated more towards IZ*ONE. Been listening way too much K-Pop these days

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Love the ‘story of TIMETOURIST’! :rofl::rofl:

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