In desperate need of Japanese skills! Pls help

Is someone able to translate the following picture for me?
I get the lower part which basically says “Add to cart”, but what does the upper one say? I tried to use all kind of translators and dictionaries but I just couldn’t make a coherent sentence out of it.

I looked up 握手会 and it seems to mean “handshake event; handshake session; event where it is possible to shake hands with a celebrity, sportsperson, pop star, etc.”

Given that, I guess the left means “handshake event application + purchase of products” while the right means “purchase of products only”


Thank you so much! :smile:
It’s weird though that they both cost the same but whatever.
I’m already expecting a little adventure going through the whole order process :sweat_smile:
Now please excuse me, I gotta spend 10,800 ¥ on a freakin’ hoodie without handshake event since I don’t live in Japan :frowning_face:

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Just a guess based on experience with buying things: could it be the left one is Cash on Delivery?

No. cash on delivery is 着払い. 握手会応募 is an entry (most likely a raffle) for a chance to attend an event to meet a celebrity of some sort. Without seeing the full terms and conditions and whatnot which were not provided with the picture, I can’t say for sure.

omg you are totally right! Here are the terms and conditions and it says something about some lottery.

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