Improving with Critical Items with a watch app, widget or lock screen app?

@daidouji, it’s great that you found another way to revise your critical items.

I now see a problem with that blank Anki deck I supplied. It has two card types. There should be only one card type. I will fix it up and let you know when a new file is available.

Meanwhile, I am concerned that 227 items could overwhelm you. After we get Anki set up, I suggest lowering that threshhold and getting maybe half of those items securely memorised before moving onto the other half. What do you think?

You have about 200 items in your apprentice queue. I agree that this is probably where the bulk of your critical items are. If you keep getting something wrong, it will end up in apprentice.

Another tool you might consider is @rfindley 's WaniKani Self Study - Quiz Edition userscript. You can use it to revise (drill) vocab one level at a time.