Improving my vocab. Tips and tricks?

Hi Guys! I hope everything is well with you all and thanks for checking out my thread.

Im at the moment using brainscape decks wich I’ve made by myself but I don’t really feel satisfied with my results etc the amount of words I’m learning. Im pretty happy with the whole SRS deal. But how do you guys increase your vocab?


I personally recommend Kitsun :slight_smile:

It’s subscription-based, with 14 days of free trial.

If you want a free solution, there’s Anki and Memrise. Kitsun is more user-friendly than Anki and you’ll be able to learn better than on Memrise.


Looks real good, I’ll give it a try! Thanks :slight_smile:

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There’s also Torii, which I’ve been using a bit on top of WaniKani. This covers the 10,000 most used words, using both Kanji and Hirigana. Free to use on Win10, Mac, or Android.


I dont see a signup in the website

how does it work if a user can’t log into its account in order to do the reviews?

Fellow Kitsun proselyte here. I like to take articles from NHK easy and paste them into the reader. It has a feature to define things you click on with an extra button to generate an SRS item from the dictionary lookup. So I do a quick read through to get the gist of the article and make cards, learn a few cards a day until I get them all to srs level 4 or so, then take the time later to transcribe the article into a word document and do a best effort translation. When I’m done I move whatever words I think are useful into a permanent deck and discard the rest (eg. proper nouns).

It’s all the fun of learning words with the satisfaction of doing something useful every now and then.

I tried torii for about ten minutes, but outside of font options and some WK integration I didn’t particularly like it over just using one of the core decks (there are others floating around the net) with anki


There is a sign up in the app only; I don’t think there is any web version unfortunately.

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Nice method of learing, I read quite alot of manga on e-books so this feature would be really useful!

Folks are going to recommend a bunch of expensive SRS services with nice-looking interfaces, but they all pretty much do the same thing as Anki, which is free, so I would go for Anki.


Do you know if it will inform me if I try to input the same word into one deck twice?

Ops, Forgot to tell you guys that i’ve used Anki before but found the process of adding new vocab way to time consuming.

Well, your mileage may vary. From my perspective, Kitsun doesn’t offer any advantage over Anki when it comes to pre-made decks, and when it comes to adding vocab that I found reading a book or watching anime I just don’t find it to be very troublesome to type in a card.


I’ve mentioned this a few times and don’t know if I’ve actually converted anyone yet, but here’s the process I personally swear by:

I use the android app Takoboto on my phone for all lookups while I read/play games/watch stuff, etc., and as I do I put the word into word lists, based on where I encountered them and if I want them to go into Anki.
Then all I need to do to make Anki cards is periodically export the word list data as a csv, manipulate it a bit and use Anki’s import function to make cards out of them.

For me that retains all the benefits of personalized vocabulary cards, without any significant additional effort or time consumption (since while reading I just need to tap a few buttons to put it in a list, and when making cards I can do it bulk instead of typing in each one), and I especially like that it works with any source, whether it’s print or digital or a game, etc., since I can always have my phone next to me.

Just another possibility to consider among all the others!


Seems like a good dictonary compared to jisho! I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

Do you know if it will inform me if I try to input the same word into one deck twice?

Once you learn a card, the word will be marked as known and you’ll be able to see that information in the dictionary.

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It does show in the dictionary lookup, but not in the reader at the moment. I think I’ve seen @neicul responding to a report of this not too long ago though. Ignore me, it’s there and I’m just too braindead to notice the mark right now. Sorry tags.

I know I’ve manually added duplicates when parsing articles, but after a quick test it looks like the thing that will break a whole paragraph down into potential items doesn’t filter duplicates either. I could see that being annoying for longer bodies of text.

If it does happen there’s always have the option hibernating the duplicate and nuking them with with the deck management tool later.

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I’ve tried many flashcards app but couldn’t stick to them. Really hate using Anki. I’m now using iKnow for my main vocab builder. You can sync your WK level with this iKnow sorted by WK level

I imagine they use similar freely available resources to populate the entries. The Takoboto app has more functionality than Jisho though.

One more eecommendation for Kitsun here.

Kitsun UI>Anki UI
Kitsun UX>Anki UX
Kitsun app>Ani app

Gorgeous app with Jisho integration, a reader, a 10k deck that allows for filtering vocab based on WK level.

Happy to help you set up your Kitsun 10k deck, if you need assistance, so it is synced with your WK. Just drop your Discord username here.

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