Importance of immersion to memorization

I’ve just realized after being very immersed last 6 months or so in Japanese language and also having a lot conversations with Japanese people, my japanese understanding has changed

On WK, i feel like I have no longer issues memorizing 20+ words a day because they now store in my memory as it kind of pure audio cues, not hiragana and definitely not romaji. Also retention seems now off the scales as I recall words vocally and then figure out how to write it. Very hard to explain, but it feels like they just come out of your mouth when recalling.

When I’m not in Japan (I spend about one month total every year), I try to listen to regular japanese audio at least one hour a day to keep brain used to it.

Disclaimer: I have pre-N3 level Japanese skills and can follow and partake in simple casual conversations for example in Izakayas with friends and acquaintances.


How hard would it be to learn 20 new words a day in your native language? If you’re an educated adult, probably the hardest part would be finding 20 reasonably common words that you don’t already know.

The more you use Japanese, the more “native-like” your use of it is going to become.

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