Imabi is down?

I’m not sure where else to ask this but is Imabi down for anyone else? I was literally just using it a couple hours ago :disappointed_relieved: Sorry if this isn’t something I should be posting here, I don’t normally interact with the WK community.

Seems like it. Not working here either.

It’s working for me

He was having financial troubles, as he mentioned on the site, going back a few years. Might just not have paid the hosting fees.

And just to confirm, it doesn’t work for me.

The home page is working for me, and I can click through to some content pages but not others.


Here's the part from the home page that lists ways to get in contact with the creator

I accept questions through Facebook or e-mail. The Facebook page also details major changes that are made to the website. Don’t forget to like! These changes are also cataloged in the Update Log page. Because the entire website is undergoing major renovation, these two places are important to frequently look at to know what exactly has been updated.

E-mail: imabinosekai @ gmail . com

Can confirm at least the main site is up.

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