I'm sorry, but why is 囚 on level 60?

I mean, both “mouth” and “person” are level 1 radicals and even an associated vocab 囚人 contains only level 1 kanji, so it can be a level 1 vocab…

One of the great things about WaniKani is that it teaches kanji from simplest ones to more compex ones. However, sometimes it deviates from that great principle and that can be a bit confusing :sweat_smile:

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Same reason Japanese people don’t learn it until they’re nearly in high school? There’s no particular reason to teach it early.


It’s an N1 kanji, one of the bottom 20% on the frequency list. Its position in the last ten levels marks it as one of the “eh, guess we might as well include these” extra kanji.


Kochi San decided To inprison the inprisonment kanji to be in level 60 prison.
I guess…


Uh no. One of the great things about Wanikani is that it teaches kanji in a mixed way. Generally from simple to complex but also taking into account kanji frequency.

For a very strict simple to complex order, there is RTK, where you learn fairly rare kanji like 旦 and 晶 in the first 30 kanjis, because they are made out of 日.


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