I'm so excited! I just got my first burns :D

It’s been exactly 180 days since I started and I feel so excited to see something in the burn pile even if they are just radicals :slight_smile: I don’t know if 180 days for my first burns is slow or fast but this has made my day :smiley:


In fact, 180 days is almost exactly how long it takes to burn something. :slightly_smiling_face:


Does it really take 180 days? Or does it take to level 10? Depending how fast someone is going, those may be two very different things…

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It takes 180 days. The level they’re on depends on how fast they’re going - at full speed, it’s possible to reach level 26 before you get your first burns.


Me who got them at level 8


Level 11, been here since January 4th. Still no burns yet.
Burned: 0
Enlightened: 700
Guru: 200
Apprentice: 200

Doing about 130 review per day.
Missed 1 day maybe 2.

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level 26 O.O I’m doing a lot of Genki and Anki as well so I try to keep my total daily review under 100…

200 apprentice :open_mouth: I try to keep mine around 75 or so…

Yes, that would be impossible. The interval from Enlightened to Burned is four months.

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Level 5 here, 268 burns :joy::grimacing: I think I am doing something wrong… :woman_shrugging:

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Yeah, I normally try that too. But I just decided to start doing my lessons before my reviews, so it went up to 200. Currently trying to wrangle it in a bit.

LMAO! Have you been here a long time maybe?

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