I'm new but not quite understand about the whole thing :/

I’m new to this website, started 2 days ago. I love how this website makes Japanese looks so easy and fun to learn. However I just want to ask
Some questions
1: when I can’t learn any more lessons in my level do I only wait for the review?
2: when I reach the end of this website how much would I learn about Japanese language and how many years would it takes?

Thanks wanikani for creating this:grinning:


These seem like questions that might get asked… frequently.


At least 1 year and a few months to level 60.

However, if you want to learn a lot about Japanese, had better get either a class or a textbook. But, if you have some basics in Japanese, WaniKani is for you. – to spark the reading department, but not quite enough really.

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Thanks for helping me

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Could take a few years, all depends how much work you want to do. I slow it down to about one level a month. You will find yourself waiting during the first couple of levels. Later on you’ll get 100 reviews a day at least. This website is just for learning kanji. You need a textbook like Genki for grammar and basic vocab. The vocab on here is to help you learn the kanji so it’s not necessarily the most useful or basic vocab.


Thanks franken

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After reading this forum/chat. Everything makes much more sense. Thank you very much for the information.

thanks for the resource links.

(making a mental note to up this thread in 8 months)

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