I'm making a kanji game and would like your input

Yep, pretty much. The values stored need to be strings, so you can store entire level info as json inside them

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Cool game, really enjoyed it! :smile: although even easy mode is hard for me, my brain just seems to blank when seeing a clock ticking down :rofl:


In general or the ones I used?

That’s a good point I’ll get on that

This as well

Yeah I was planning on it and then forgot, thanks for reminding me

Yeah currently it’s hella unresponsive lol. I just haven’t gotten around to mobile layout yet. As for desktop layout, is there any issues with using vh as much as I did for sizing and margin? It made things seem a lot nicer regardless of zoom assuming 16:9 aspect ratio was maintained but is it OK to rely on it that much?

How should I write the title?

I didn’t read that carefully, and I can’t type and delete fast enough. Also, things like 日本語 seems to work as well.

Even after realizing that, I am trying to get past Normal. (Passed just now.)

A common scheme is {{ page_title }} - {{ website_title }}. There may be better answers and stylistic choices, however.

How the 3 JSON files on the top level of the repo are generated?

Game is good, can we adjust the time? Typing on phone takes time, plus even on easy, 15 seconds is a bit on the low side.


Handwriting keyboard, lol. Don’t know if this is consider cheating or not; trying to slip in Chinese characters.

It also looks quite funky on vertical screen (on PC) :sweat_smile:


They’ve gone through a bit of processing. I first took the component data from the kvg elements in the KanjiVG database to get a list of components for each kanji. Then I used that to create a dictionary in python of all the components and the kanji they are contained in. I did certain operations to lower the overall difficulty (e.g. Removing components without 3 kanji in joyo or of a certain frequency), ambiguous ones, and combined a handful of one’s that visually look the same. (E.g. The mouth looking radical in 図 and 語 are actually different and the B looking radical in 部 and 院 are actually different since it depends if it’s on the right or left but I merged them.).

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Commenting to also say this. It’s a bit fast, especially when having to search for the word you know, among other words that are pronounced the exact same.


I’m more impressed the game is playable on mobile in the first place. I’ll consider bumping up the time a bit out of consideration to handwriting and mobile (plus sometimes shit is just hard to find on an ime like 翠玉 wouldn’t come up on my computer so I had to stop and think of another word that has 翠… Like 翠 ).


Yeah, even on PC my most common reasons for failing are something like:

  1. IME won’t produce what I want quickly enough
  2. Expected radical / kanji match isn’t in the game yet
  3. My cat is walking on the keyboard
  4. Couldn’t think of an answer

Updated with a favicon, (probably) better titling, some database changes, and vars to lets, and increased non insane time by 5 seconds

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Also fixed countdown when the question changes. Previously it was a continuous countdown so if you answered 100ms before the next tick down, your timer would reset but tick down 100ms later. This will add between 0-1s per question and accurately reflect time per question

Does it accept 前 for 䒑 yet?

Edit: nope.

I don’t know if that was mentioned before, but you can’t really play on mobile :sweat_smile:
If you type enter, the answer just disappears but is not counted. Then the timer runs out three times and game over :sweat_smile: Even if I just leave a kanji in the answer field, it’s not checked by the end of the timer.

Edit: using Safari on Iphone.

Works fine on my machine.

Good point. I made my post a bit more specific.

Kind of messed up. :sweat_smile:

Maybe “I don’t know” button / keyboard shortcut would be nice. Sometimes waiting doesn’t help and I just want it to end.