I'm level 29 and I just now noticed this


see ^^^^^^


My husband has called them lacky bands, he’s from Birmhingham (Brum) UK. See Aussies aren’t the only ones abbreviating :slight_smile:


i’m going off on a tangent, but “Worcestershire sauce” -> Woostershir sauce -> Wooster sauce
actually the japanese word for it is ウスターソース(usutaasoosu) so even they abbreviate sometimes hahaha (or at least take the abbreviated form of a word)


What? They abbreviate all the time. There’s almost nothing that’s not abbreviated.


haha, true!!!


My favourite abbreviation from back in the day when I was in Japan was: チョベリバ (see https://jisho.org/search/choberiba)
And then on researching for this post, I found this site of Japanese slang!


that’s great


not sure if trooper or ドM :stuck_out_tongue:


Well the WK team keeps improving the product, so you learn something new when you reset.


found the other ドM on wanikani :smiley:



God damn, is this loss


Try Tsurukame for iPhone reviews - it’s very forgiving of simple typos and let’s you get on with the learning without getting errors!