I'm in JAPN 111

Can you translate what I posted for our week 2 writing application activity? I know its simple and we are not using kanji. I’m enjoying the class and just thought I’d share.


Translation: Mark is my Friend. He is from New York. Mark is 35 years old.

Have fun.

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Also there’s a typo: it should be とだち, not とまだち


Thank you! I actually noticed the typo and fixed the post, but not before I took the screenshot.

Is that Mark Zuckerberg?

No, it`s a friend of Hump7Hump. :eyes:


Why not both? :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of my classmates used actual friends or family for examples. One other person chose a fake friend.

わたしの とまだち、Deadpool です。あめりかじんの ゆうしゃ です。なんさいは もていません、いつまでも です。

I’m very far from being a fluent speaker, but I’m not 100% sure if my classmate studied this week. Thoughts @Sulax?

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This will be a reoccurring theme in your classes :joy:


I assume they’re trying to say he has no age? He’s immortal/eternal?

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Pretty much what @raephe said.
The last sentence is not grammatically correct.
I would have said something like 不老不死なので、「歳」という概念は使っていません。(Since he is immortal, he does not use the concept of “age”).
Also, the beginning is a bit strange. I would have said 友達のDeadpoolです。if I were to use that structure.

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