I'm entering the correct answer but getting it wrong

Am I doing something wrong? For the Kanji “enter”, I’m typing out niyuu to get にゆう but it’s saying I got it wrong only to proceed to tell me the answer was… にゆう When I copy and paste their Hiragana I get it correct, however this issue is slowing me down significantly. It happens with most of the other Kanji as well.

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Since this is the first reply I might as well leave these here (thank your favorite deity you don’t have to deal with historical spelling!)


You are writing it as にゆう instead of にゅう. You need to type it as nyuu not niyuu


I see I didn’t realize there was a difference. It’s difficult to tell when the only description of it is “new” and I didn’t know about small vs big characters till now. Thank you!

The site assumes knowledge of hiragana and katakana. If you’re fuzzy on anything, now is a good time to brush up, because there are some other ones that are notorious for tripping up new users beyond this as well.


It needs to be written correctly. As にゅう (nyu u) rather than にゆう(ni yu u)

I knew exactly how this thread is going to go before I opened it.


When I started a few months back I also started in learning Hiragana and Katakana.
I suggest realkana site (https://realkana.com/) - this was how I learned it.

If you want to use a app (android) I can recommend KanaTown - Hiragana and Katakana is for free as well as a few verbs. It also does not contain any advertisement.

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