I'm back with WaniKani! Any tips?

I’ve been gone for awhile and I feel like I should have done something to actually “study” the kanji (like write in a notebook) before so should I start now?


If writing in a notebook will help you learn, then do it. Whatever works for you is the way to go.

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It depends, really.

When I first started WK, I wrote every item I learned in a notebook. It wasn’t until I read the FAQ 3 days later that I learned what an SRS is and that I shouldn’t have been looking at my notes during reviews. Anyways, having the written notes didn’t help me a whole ton, because I didn’t ever study them. I found the WK system to be enough practice to drill the kanji into my brain. HOWEVER: Just because it did not work for me, there is no indication that it will not work for you. At the end of the day, it would never hurt to try! If you like it, keep going; and if not, well, I haven’t copied anything down for study since my Level 1 radicals (and maybe a few kanji).

Tl;dr: Try what works for you! There’s no reason not to, so I say go for it, but that’s just me.


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Sit back and relax while doing all reviews from start. Might be time consuming but all is worth when you later open a japanese book after.

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