I'm back from an unintended break!

After hitting level five and trying to go too fast, things got really piled up, and at the same time I had to go back to school for the next semester. Thankfully, I made it a point to get back to it when I had time to review everything, so I’ve been going back over everything the past two weeks and over spring break. I put myself on vacation mode about a 3 weeks after I started my break and still came back to around 400 reviews, but I got them all caught up now. Looking forward to seeing all you guys around again.

As a side note, I think I wanted to make this post as a future reference for myself if I need to take a break in the future–knowing it’s possible to take time off and come back just as strong. Also for anybody else out there that needs to do the same (mostly at lower levels, as I’m not sure how much more difficult it would be at levels 10+ or 30+ or something).

Good luck everyone!


Congrats on returning! It can definitely be off-putting to see a review pile looming, but your willingness to tackle it shows your dedication. :slight_smile:


Welcome back. I think you bring up two good points. One is the obvious getting back on track, but the second is not pushing yourself too hard. Sometimes you need breaks in studying Japanese, but sometimes you just have to slow down. Once you take a break it can sometimes be harder to get back to. If you can slow down instead of sto then it makes it easier to start again. When you can’t slow down you just have to persevere through it. Great job getting back into it.


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