I'm back but WK feels impossible

I didnt even turn on vacation mode lol. I havent touched anki for a while though. I think ive been on level 10 for 280 days

I’ve also had the same experience - digging myself out of the pit of reviews - and I hated it, but I also find that sometimes I just go through a bad patch : nothing sticks, I’m getting everything wrong. I try to just accept that things aren’t going well and that they will get better - and they do! Don’t be too hard on yourself :sweat_smile:

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I’ve been in the same situation a while ago, it was so tough to sit for an hour of vocab reviews and spend one hour on it. In the end I decided to first go through all the kanji, and when I was feeling confident with just that I went back to reviewing vocab. It’s been 3 weeks now and I only do reviews and it’s getting better and better. I recommend using a self-quiz script, in case you don’t have it installed already.

Just do the thing!

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