I'm back ... 3 levels lower :/

Well, what can I say, starting from around christmas I was just not keeping up anymore. I visited my family for a week and the motivation was going down. The reviews piled up and I just couldn’t get it done. I was trying to aim for 150 Apprentice items, but I got so much wrong, that there was barely any time for lessons.

I reached level 26 in January somehow, but according to the Heatmap never did any of the level 26 lessons. I was drowning in reviews… 800 and more.

I was trying to do them by level, still no luck. I realized that everything above level 20 was just too shaky. Well, I reset to 24, then 23 and now I’m finally back on track.

Let’s hope I can stay motivated now and turn up the heat in this heatmap again.



Welcome back!!!
3 levels? No worries! You got this!!!


On one hand I’m pretty happy that I still know the content up to the early 20s quite well, on the other hand I’m shocked how I forgot almost everything I learned in levels 23 to 25 :sleepy:


Of course you can. We are all here for you. :grin:


It’s not too surprising if you never got any of those items to Enlightened.

Welcome back :smiley:


Yeah, the idea of the SRS stages cementing the “older” items in your brain seems to hold true :slight_smile:


That’s a great position to be in! When you were able to do the work within the time constraints that the program anticipates, you learned 1/3rd of the entire program to a level that you’re satisfied with. When you weren’t able to do the work, you didn’t feel the same. Which probably shouldn’t surprise us–if it were easy to learn kanji passively, we probably wouldn’t be here.

I have a very similar story. I got to 19 doing 1 level per week, essentially. Then I was given a second job at my job last year during COVID. I tried to muddle through 3 more levels, realized I knew none of what I had covered in 21-22, then reset to 20. I managed to do level 21 and level 22 again at about 2 weeks each. It was nice to let go of the desire to do things quickly and to just make sure I was doing it in a way I’d remember. And then the extra job really crushed me, and I had to stop doing lessons for a long time, but that isn’t a relevant part of the story. Getting back on track was easy enough, though.


I think resetting a couple levels was the best option here. Doing that many reviews at once would have meant they were gonna come back in huge chunks. And huge chunks can take a lot of motivation to tackle fully…

Keep that review counter at zero and go with lessons at a comfortable pace and you’ll be fine.

頑張って! :fist:

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Well, you’re still a level ahead of me and I’ve been on here a few years before you. I haven’t done a lesson since I reached Level 23 in January because I can’t handle a lot of reviews right now. Even so, I still have between 40 and 50 most days. I was thinking of not doing another lesson until I read another Yotsuba manga.


Good job not just giving up in despair!

You went down three levels, and you are back on solid ground. You can do this!


Yeah, not only big chunks, but big chunks of stuff I would get wrong again and again. It was just too much “fresh” content at once. What’s coming back now is in sizes I can actually chew again:D

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Yeah, I’m about to finish level 23 now. I’m Wanikani bored today, that’s rare. But better than overwhelmed and drowning again :slight_smile: