Im a tad confused

So I confused on how progression is achieved in Wanikani. How does one get new lessons specifically. It seems random to me and I am a bit lost. Thank you to all who respond :smile:

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You should look first at the FAQ section of Wanikani

There is a specific section How Do I Get More Lessons?

Simply speaking: every item you unlock in wanikani has na SRS level attached (ie: number of consecutive time you remembered it) and new lesson related to that item (new kanji for radicals, new word for kanji) are unlocked when you reach the Guru level (guessed it fourth time in a row - SRS system explained).

You usually start with a set of radicals that unlocks the kanji for that level that unlock the words: new radicals and kanji are unlocked when you reach the followin level: new level are reached when you complete all the radicals and 90% of the kanji for that level (the two different bar in your homepage).


You get lessons by progressing/memorizing what you already learned.
Keep doing your reviews and you’ll get more lessons.
It’s slow at the beginning but it does pick up


And oh does it pick up. It reminds me of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The first few days of the game you aren’t able to do much. Then they introduce new features in your town, like public work projects, paying off debts, better stores, whatever…

The progression is real. :wink:


Animal Crossing ftw. But what they said is true. The lesson come quick. You get most of your radicals immediately after leveling up. This also includes some kanji and vocab as well. Then after you guru the radicals, you’ll get the majority of the new kanji and then vocab after guruing the kanji and so on. It grows very quick over time. By the end of Wanikani you’ll have learned 478 radicals, 2027 kanji, and 6303 vocab items totaling 8808 individual items to review. Right now, you don’t have much, but the lessons will come. Good luck on Wanikani!

Here you go, my new favourite graphs of how much I had to do up through level 10 compared to how many lessons/reviews I had:


Do you compute those graphs yourself or are you using some kind of a tool? :thinking:

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Here you go:


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