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I’ve stumbled into the dark territory of the ignore section. I’m curious, why is it that you can’t ignore someone for more than four months?
Can’t seem to think of a reason :thinking:

I’m not sure why 4 months specifically, but the main reason to add a limit (according to a quick glance at the Discourse meta forum) is that ignoring users can create weird situations where you ask a question and the ignored user answers it.

For instance, with your example, if you ask a grammar or vocab question, Leebo will probably answer it rather quickly. Since everybody else can see the question has been answered correctly, they won’t answer themselves. From your side, though, it looks as though no one answered, and you may try to post stuff like “so… no one has any idea?” or the like, which will pretty much confuse everyone.

Once the timer is up, you will at least get to see the answer. 4 months late might make it a bit stale, but who knows.


So… no one has any idea?

(But in all seriousness, though, why’re you using Leebo as an example? You monster.)


So you get to see one of his answers and are like “Wait, I ignored that guy” and the problem goes on ? :smiley:
Seems like a rather weird attempt to fix it.

Didnt want to put in the guy that I actually wanted to ignore and it seemed like I could get some love from inochiko this way :thinking:

No worries Leebo, i still love you <3


Ok, no, I just tried with you, and the forum gives me the option to “view 1 hidden reply”. So I guess they solved the problem that way.

Then I have no idea about the limit (I should have read further the thread over ther I guess)


Doing all my work for me, that’s the way I like it.


a. Leebo is an authentic genius.
b. We are, how to put this, noetically sub-par.
c. We don’t put the hours in with the books.

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Just got to lay out the bait. :see_no_evil:


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