If you're unfaithful to the Crabigator for even one night

… This happens in the morning :sob:


Feed the lord everyday, peasant. (I know how you feel :cry:)


I did not even neglect him yesterday. But he only got half the attention and it backfired :joy:


I haven’t touched WK in 6 months…

Don’t be like me


It might help if you control your apprentice count a little and keep it closer to 100 rather than 160. Apprentice items make up the majority of your daily reviews, so controlling it using your lessons is a great way to manage your workload!


You’re absolutely right. I was catching up and I’m free at the moment, so it’s OK. But yesterday I was too lazy.

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I woke up to almost 300 items again… I had friends over and we had a busy weekend, I was unfaithful again and am now grinding it out like an RPG :smiley:

I did a 1-2 month break and had over 500+! I’ve been back for almost 2 weeks and still haven’t done a Lesson yet (just Reviews)!
I almost have my apprentice’s under 100, once that happens I’ll start learning (new stuff) again!

P.S. That’s a very nice burn count, I only have a lil over 200. :sneezing_face:


I think that’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too harsh though :sweat_smile:

P. S. Not to offtop I have 1092 reviews and am slowly chipping away at them. A few days ago I had 1950+. That’s what one gets for neglecting one’s reviews for several months… Still, I’d much rather have that than being nuked :sweat_smile:


Yeah, I’m starting to do 100 reviews a day. I figure it’ll take me about 3 weeks at that rate to burn back down to a reasonable level. Depending on my apprentice count then, I’ll either give it another week or so or start doing lessons again. I blew my 45-by-December goal though, but given this year I’m not too upset.

Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I reset two years ago and have been taking it slow since so that’s mostly the reason.


If you’re unkind enough to your future self, you don’t even need to be unfaithful. I went to bed with 0/0 and had triple-digit reviews when I woke up because Past Me is a jerk who refuses to spread out lessons.


I have 230 reviews right now and just did 200 this morning…


Number of Apprentice items? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Control your apprentice items they said…


256 lol i have like 30 reviews every hour today


I see. I really try to stick to the around 150 at the moment. Sometimes it’s “boring”, but I imagine in the long run I learn the stuff better. The last level took me almost 3 weeks, because I was munching at a neverending pile :smiley:

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I started doing 20 a day to decrease my time leveling but ironically i forget everything so it has the opposite effect :blush:


Random question, because you have a “paid” subscruption and are a few levels higher than me. Will you get Lifetime for the sale? I’m still debating :smiley:

Maybe next year! I cant afford that right now.

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I got to that point, just hit the reset button and went back to level 5