If you had to do it again, how would you use 1 month

Long story short, I’m in a position where I will have a lot more free time for the next month or so and wanted to use it to rebuild and catch up my pitiful grammar skills. At the end of the day my primary Japanese learning goal is to be able to read comfortably and everything else is kind of a bonus.

For those of you who have progressed further along, what helped you improve the most and how would you go about learning if you had to do it over again?

How would you guys recommend I split my time? At this point I can probably dedicate around 4-6 hours of study a day. (Weee! I feel like a college student again!)

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I highly recommend getting practice in as part of it. Been doing HelloTalk for the last 4 days and wish I would have started months ago. It is forcing me to use grammar points that I had forgotten, and research to say things how I want to.

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  1. Work through Genki, taking notes as you go and posting your exercise answers on Lang-8.

  2. Read NHK Easy and, if you’re up to it, Japanese Wikipedia.

  3. Do WK.

Simple as. Focus intensely on a few things.


Personally, grammar is my weakness and so with grammar I get a bunch of resources to help me practice because I have a hard time practicing on my own. In July, I’ll be attempting N3 of the JLPT, so I picked up Sou Matome, Kanzen Master and I am almost working through my copy of Tobira, this way I can have a lot of practice and maybe learn grammar points that aren’t covered in all three books.

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