If TabeSouMoNai means unlikely to eat, then does TabeNasaSou also means the same?

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There is a topic in Japanese which is called Me No Sou, which means that you are seeing something and assuming something is going to happen, like Ame ga FuriSou desu.

In this, ii adjective becomes YosaSou, and Nai becomes Nasasou.

Negative sentences use the pattern SouMoNai. FuriSou desu, FuriSouMoArimasen/ Nai

Based on this, can we also say that TabeSouMoNai and TabeNasaSou desu are the same and can use either one of them?

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Not quite. そうもγͺい means β€œdoesn’t even seem like”. The standard (neutral way) is to use the γͺさそう form.

(To be clear, they describe the same thing, but the first one has more emphasis)


Okay, got it.

Thank you so much. :innocent:

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