If only I hadn't .. (forward looking)

You might want to check out The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!

If you’re going to stick with Tae Kim’s guide I’d highly recommend the apps. They’re much more convenient to use as a reference and you can tap some of the vocab in the samples to see the reading and meaning without having to refer to the definition lists all the time.

As for the review piles issue it’s one of those things you just need to feel out and tinker with on your own. I don’t really like to pay attention to my apprentice stack since it will fluctuate for various reasons. It’s easier to just pick a certain number of lessons per day and consistently do that while clearing your reviews. If it’s too much work or your accuracy drops then slow down. The only real time I’d be concerned is if the apprentice stack starts hitting 150+ items, as that’s around a full level’s worth of content.

It’s good that you’re being proactive, but really… most of the time people get buried in reviews (or lessons) it comes from making some really bad (and usually obvious) choices. Keep up with WK daily while paying attention to your time/stress levels and you’ll be fine.

Also, your current level is so low it’s a poor indicator of future exertion. Right now you should only be seeing reviews for items in SRS levels 1-5, but that leaves 6-8 as you get further along. For fast levelers it will end up being approximately 60-80 additional reviews per day by around level 20.

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