If 42 is the answer, I have found my question [Farewell]

Sorry, I was again speaking about the general reaction of the initial group here, not specifically to your interpretation. Indeed, you are the judge of that for yourself.

The below should do it!

I think we’re just having misunderstandings of intent.


Thanks for the clarification, I appreciate your willingness to discuss your work calmly even while under scrutiny.

Given this and what input @Napthalene has given, I guess it’s ultimately up to the WaniKani team to decide if it’s kosher or not to share such a tool and I’ll concede my argument, as it seems that they may genuinely care only about the SRS and structure itself.


Oh man…I’m an ass… Thank you. Sorry @orphen, sorry wk staff…flagged pointlessly because I’ve been away from announcements and such, painstakingly ignoring my 1200 review queue and so forth… headdesk

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This topic is much more interesting than I thought it would be. (In good ways of course)
Best of luck OP


I didn’t expect that either… :sweat_smile: here we were stepping up to protect the crabigator…at least i was a good faithful cultist… :death_emoji:

My intent was always more to pose the question of morality rather than point fingers and make clear declarations, but it’s possible I did a poor job of properly conveying that in my posts. The joys of text-based communication, right? :joy:

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Thank you for taking time to confirm the code! Thanks also for the suggestions. I will think about how to make the output of the tool clearer for those less familiar with Anki. There isn’t even really a default Anki visualization, as one would still need to make their own note types to even render the content. Maybe this is what I should add some words about.


Well, I was there to try and protect the user agreement…abstract morality doesn’t do much for me…but yes, I understand. Not pointing fingers, not making declarations, therefore etc. etc. only I made those “mistakes”.

Looked real bad to me, was flagging mods because it looked like a violation of WK terms of service. Now look like a nincompoop and am ok with that.

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Thanks for taking your time to discuss with me.

It’s all good. Thanks for taking your time with this thread here.

Thank you haha!


Thank you…reading that helped a lot. I was okay looking like an idiot, but super not ok with having been rough on you after you did something fricken awesome and then took the trouble to explain wrappers…

All that said, you know how popular this thing you’ve made is going to be. I’ve read so many people wishing to have free pacing – you’ve made people’s dreams come true! (I hope that maintaining this does not turn into a nightmare!)

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Just want to clarify, I’m not trying to throw you under the bus and relieve myself of any responsibilty :sweat_smile: What I intended to say was, I didn’t want to assign that it 100% was or was not against the EULA as I knew I didn’t have 100% of the information or knowledge required to do so. Not discuss the “abstract” morality of it.

Anyway, we’ve come full circle and gone off topic long enough, so I’ll relieve myself from this discussion now :upside_down_face:

To @orphen, I do want to say I respect your move to take more direct control over your personal studies once you realized your time could be spent in a more efficient way for you as an individual. That’s very cool, and an initiative that not enough people take (imo) for the sake of the gold badge or any other of a myriad of reasons.

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Truly no problem. I understand your intent, looking out for a service that’s done us all good.

Also, thank you for the high hopes for my work! I don’t expect I’ll have any userbase haha, but that would be quite an experience if so.

Thank you for sharing that with me! It’s been a long time coming, and I probably should have done it sooner haha.


ok cooooooool thank you so much!!! It’s because I was feeling so uncomfortable with the situation that had arisen – me sticking my nose where it didn’t belong, me getting pissed with the lack of super-explicit directness and the kind of weird "tone"iness that was coming through, then the feeling like you were distancing from it and saying “nobody misunderstand me I was just xyz” when to me it felt like “of course you were pointing a finger – it was just a tentative finger, but there it is, just like I’m doing” …I felt like the only purpose of saying something like that was to imply that I’d taken the position that I 100% knew what WK’s policy was or that it had been violated. And the reason I felt that was your purpose probably because I felt so on the spot for even coming out with and supporting questions about all of this. I had two motives: protect the terms of service, and protect the programmer from legal trouble. There was this foggy “hey…isn’t riffing like this super hip? like, who could fault orphen for this?” vibe in me after the mention that WK would be chill about it due to them being the kind of people who were lowering their subscription price (I thought they must’ve done that to retain subscribers, which would overall boost WK’s take but whatever the motive it’s immaterial), but all this just felt super risky and if there’s one thing I hate, it’s seeing people take needless risks. And I also hate being all…me. xD The more I type the worse it is.

Like this. Sorry.

Anyway, yes I’m relieved and I’m sorry for being passive aggressive. I didn’t mean to do that – it just leaks out of every pore when I feel like things are going diagonal and I need to be much more aware of it.

yeah me too omg sorry everyone

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oh boy I really think you will! For sure! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Seriously. This thing that you’ve made…this is The Dream.

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Best of luck on your journey @orphen :smiley::+1:

And kudos for the levelheadedness.

I think a lot of people who’ve never used the API don’t realize what’s available to do. Tsurukame, for example, downloads the whole database as well to allow for offline reviews. It’s part of the reason why it sometimes lags behind the website when new content is available.


Just because it kinda stings to see this compared to Tsurukame…Tsurukame doesn’t let me just open up content willy-nilly. Not at all. Significantly, Tsurukame also is dependent on my API key being current, as in paid up, not cancelled, etc…
I believe that this is not the case for the code under discussion here.

I get that the stuff is there for Tsurukame to provide (is maybe even downloaded in batches as I unlock levels?), but the absolutely complete access to the user, full content at an instant independent of whether or not they’re a current WK subscriber is the thing that’s looking a bit different about this to me. Different from Tsurukame, I mean.

This looks like jail-breaking WK, which is of course impossible if WK intentionally made all their content available so that users could do things like this, but I sincerely doubted whether that was WK’s intent in making the content available. Just because it’s possible… @Naphthalene: would you please link to that announcement you mentioned, where WK made it clear that they had changed their policy? I tried and didn’t have any luck finding it but I’m also not terribly savvy at that kind of thing.


Thank you kindly!

Here you go:


The very one @ChristopherFritz posted.

I’d like to put emphasis on this part from the announcement:

We also think this will help out more students of Japanese and hope that dictionary services (like our friends at Jisho ) can use these pages as references to help their users, too.

(Emphasis mine)
So, is it what they intended? I don’t know, but it certainly doesn’t seem to break anything.


Thank you!!! This is huge. I am very very relieved. :slight_smile:

I also feel that the magic of WK is in the obstacles, so to speak. And of course the order, and the pacing, and the breakdown, and the community. And none of that is disrupted by this new thing I don’t think! It’s not my call to make, of course, but i feel so much better about it with knowing this absolutely has changed relative to what (thought) I came in under. <3 This change predates my joining, oddly enough.