[Idea] Say "On'yomi" or "Kun'yomi" when reviewing kanji


I have seen my fair share of people talking about the fact that they dont like that WK gives you either on or kun on kanji lessons, and think it’s annoying or something. Why don’t you just make the banner below the kanji and above the answer say “Kanji On’yomi/ Kun’yomi”? That way you can 1. solidify which reading is which and 2. can know which one WK is looking for?


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I’d just be happy with a little flag after you answer the question. “That’s on’yomi!” or “That’s kun’yomi!” or “That’s just nonsense but we roll with it!”


I would too XD but I feel like, with the extension I use (it auto goes to the next question if I get it right) that wouldnt work very well.


So… Serious question, I’m not trolling, I swear lol

Why does it matter?

I’m not sure if you created this thread just as an idea to appease the others that have complained about this or if you think it would be useful for yourself as well, but I’ve always wondered this when I see the other threads about it that you mentioned. For me, at least, the way WK teaches the kanji, I’m able to learn how to read the kanji in whatever circumstance without ever consciously thinking if a reading is kun or on. I don’t see what all the fuss is about and I’m genuinely curious.


Its a little easier for me to guess readings and lookup unkown words without resorting to OCR all time. I thought there was a user script for this and I think the mobile app Im using also displays it.


Knowing whether a reading is on or kun increases your odds of guessing the correct reading when seeing vocabulary you’ve never read before. It doesn’t really have anything to do with learning or helping with words already on WK, since for those you are just being taught them as words and shouldn’t get too hung up on the kanji portions.

At a certain point though, it becomes blatantly obvious 95% of the time whether a reading is on or kun, once you recognize enough patterns in them.


Yeah, I get that. I guess that’s what I was getting at, that you just have to learn enough to start recognizing patterns.


Yeah, but your post seemed to be suggesting that it’s not worth knowing which one is which. Recognizing the patterns is fine and all, but there’s nothing wrong with being able to say “this is on and this is kun” rather than merely saying “I know these two are not the same category as each other.”

If you know which one you are looking for, it’s easy to ask Japanese people. I can point to a kanji and say “what’s the onyomi for that” and get a definitive answer quickly.


Yeah, by all means, at this point I am starting to hear what sounds on and what sounds kun, Im just saying on the WK app it says which is which, and I found it weird that they didnt include it on the website (I know the app maker isnt someone who made the website shhhhhhhhhhhh)

Also, there have been many times on WK I forget the exact reading of a word, think x is the way to say it in this instance because it’s the onyomi (or so I think), when it is actually y.


I agree that it would be helpful to at least show if the kun or on is being asked like in the app. Makes the learning process a lot easier and smoother for the long run. And you don’t accidentally get things mix up and have your Kanji downgraded because you mixed a Kanji up in terms of WK having taught the on and not the kun reading at the beginning (obviously also the other way around).


There is a userscript for this: New version of KunOn script: WK Custom Review Question (KunOn+)


I use this as well


Thanks for the hint on this script :smiley:


Yes! Please! This idea is awesome!!!