Idea of a cool reward for non-lifetime plan users that reach level 60

My idea of a cool reward for non-lifetime plan users that reach level 60 is… to offer them a lifetime plan for a very, very big discount :stuck_out_tongue:

When I started Wanikani I didn’t know for how long I’d keep using it, and paying for a lifetime plan in one go felt like a huge hit in my finances. So I kept paying it monthly, and my last payment was for an annual subscription on a promotion to finish WK in 2019.

Well, time went by, and (after longer than I wanted to - damn you procrastination and other things in life!!) I eventually reached level 60.

Even though I still have level 60 lessons and many stuff to burn, I already feel like I reached where I wanted to with WK, so I don’t use it nearly as much as before. However, my annual subscription is almost over and I really wanted to continue using it once in a while to one day burn everything, and review stuff. But not by paying so much monthly (or annually) since I won’t be using it so much and it would be mostly to review stuff and not learning new things, so the knowledge per dollar from now on would be lower.

So, in the end, I’m just here to try to convince the WK team that us non-lifetime level 60’ers, after paying for so long and reaching the highest level, a big discount (or free? :smirk: ) for the lifetime plan would be most welcome!


I honestly feel like it would be a good idea, but it may backfire.
E.g., someone may buy one yearly subscription, rush all the way to level 60 through the abuse of userscripts telling themselves that they’ll just learn afterwards. Get the lifetime and then reset to level 1 and actually go through WK.

I’m obviously not saying everyone will do it, but some people will. Now, maybe they would not have bought a subscription to WK in the first place if it wasn’t for that sense that they are “cheating” the system, so maybe the team is still making a profit in that situation, I don’t know.

Alternatively, there’s the possibility of someone not getting a lifetime subscription since they feel they can make it in less than two years and thus save money. If they crash and burn in the middle from going too fast (and thus miss that goal), they may not pick WK up again, since buying an extra subscription would make it more expensive.

I guess a solution would be to give people a lifetime subscription as soon as they have spent that amount of money in total :thinking:


Good point, having a “counter” for every person that goes up on each payment, that when he/she spends more than 300 dollars in month/annual plans, it turns into a lifetime subscription automatically.

Or at least do it for people who reached level 60 AND spent more than the lifetime price on month/annual plans.


I can think the worst scheme. Some people from poor countries may want to be a “jockey” to reach lvl 60, then after they become a lifetimer, they sell their accounts to other people in very cheap price. Tofugu will profit nothing.

I see many of this selling accounts practice when it comes to Microsoft Office 365, some games like Clash of Clans, Mobile Legends, etc.



Well that would be a nice thing for them to do, but what’s in it for them? There would then be no reason for anyone to get the lifetime. The lifetime is a bargain on both sides - for the user, they get anything past what they “paid for” for free. On Tofugu’s side, they get the benefit of the guaranteed full amount, no chance of the user quitting on them. They can make plans with that money.

You’re asking them to give the user all the benefit but give up theirs.



I thought this was gonna be about a WK shirt that says I achieved level 60 or something…

because I really want that and have been waiting for it patiently since they talked about it.





You mean it’s gone the way of the Descent to Durtle Heaven?


Just finish it and be done with it :yum:. It shouldn’t be about reaching a level, it should be about burning everything and completing the program. You’re not done until you’re done. You’ve come this far…tail stretch of an ultra marathon… don’t slack off or give up now.

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I was thinking the exact same, until @leandroeidi recommended they only do this for level 60 users who have spent that amount. This would make more sense, maybe as a bit of a reward. Otherwise it would make no sense to ever buy lifetime and as you mention, it would be useless from a business perspective…

I think most users agree after level 60 (mostly before even) that it is good to go after grammar, or if you have started already, read native material to “burn” the kanji in your memory, rather than burn them only on wk

Wow, I think most users agree you should go after grammar if not from the start than from around levl 10 :sweat_smile: But true that sticking to WK to burn all the items may not be the most efficient use of time. I’d say it’d be better spent on reading practice.

And staying on topic,
I heard if you buy a lifetime subscription the do some deductions based on how much you’ve paid already. So if this is true than here’s the “prize” @leandroeidi is talking about.


No, they deduct the amount of time left in your account right now. If you paid 90 dollars for an annual plan, and still have 6 months left, your’d get a 45 dollars discount.
If you have 0 months left in your plan, even if you already spent 1000 dollars before, you’d still have to pay the full amount.


I think @d-hermit is referring that there have been implications made by mods that level 60 people that email them can get some special discounts. As other people have already mentioned, like the existence of scripts that can make people basically skip their way to level 60, I think they have good reason why they don’t want to advertise it as a feature set in stone. I think you can have a dialogue about it if you email them, but I doubt they’ll respond much to this thread. :slight_smile:


Probably a better promotion would be to work with Japanese language courses and offer all students 50% discount for the monthly WK subscription as long as they are still enrolled.


@RoseWagsBlue gib shirts


Then why someone would ever get a Lifetime if they will get it anyways?


Could make it so that anyone on level 60 can still do their reviews indefinitely


…but if they reset they would have to pay again, or something? :thinking:


That’s what I was thinking, yeah