Idea for 2020

The gamification goes even further, and it is now like Tetris Attack/Panel de Pon or Tetris 99. You finish your reviews more quickly or with greater accuracy combos to send extra reviews to other players. It is no longer a challenge just to finish learning the kanji, but to be the last kanji-learner left.

Please discuss the pros and cons.


Not that this doesn’t sound like it could be a neat idea, but wouldn’t busier people be at a huge disadvantage?

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Hm, competitive wanikani? Could be like some territorial-type game, but combat consists of choosing a wanikani item from the other person’s supposedly-learned list and challenging them with it. If they can’t answer, they are defeated. If they answer it correctly, they challenge you back with one of yours.

You would also gain territory or points or whatever by learning more kanji, so you have to balance wanting to do more, more, more, with having to know them well enough to fend off challenges.

Ooh, and the items would not be all equal points. If you miss one, the other person gets points for not only that one, but all the ones that depend on it later. So you could challenge someone with a radical and get credit for all the kanji using that radical if they don’t know it. On the other hand, they’re more likely to know the earlier ones and radicals, leaving you more likely open to counter-attack.


Ooof, I’m already competitively obsessed with this site enough being such a completionist, this would put me over the edge into true addiction although what fun it would be, I would totally be down with some sort of word game


Don’t take @IanD too seriously. :slight_smile:


:thinking: I just didn’t want to be at a disadvantage when the kanji wars start on here :slightly_frowning_face:


Everyone will take me seriously when I combo a “junk” twenty-five-item review session of antiquated non-jouyou kanji into their apprentice queues–the ultimate attack.

@ctmf I like all that, but I would also add permadeath, such that if you send a kanji as a response and the opponent answers correctly, it dies and you can never study it again.


Busier people are always at a disadvantage :neutral_face:


2020 - The year where Tofugu turn Wanikani into a JRPG???

I like the sound of that!


Better yet, a WaniKani MMORPG. Radicals are your crafting tools to make kanji weapons/items, and the vocab are monsters you can defeat solo or in a party. But it’s not just “you have X and Y kanji, you can defeat XY jukugo”. Like, the water kanji defeats the fire vocab, and so on.


I absolutely think, yes, WK needs elemental strengths and weakneses.

But better yet, we can fasten a convoluted Pokemon-esque network of rock-paper-scissors relationships out of each kanji’s official Japanese radical. You also get bonus stats if you min-max and specialize in one, only studying nobun kanji, etc.

You’d be destroying your learning experience, and each kanji lost to permadeath would take more of a toll on your literacy, but you’d be better able to fend off opponents, and get to Level 60 faster. You could always start over with a new radical too.

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If we’re going the RPG route, we can’t forget about the microtransactions. $10 for a skin for your kanji that turns them purple, $20 for a pack of Day-1 DLC radicals, $30 for the ability to lower your SRS intervals by 50% and speed-run WK. $100 for private servers so you can team up with friends and create your own custom-built kanji forts. $250 for a special edition with a signed picture of Koichi’s face.


Where do I pay money for this?


Don’t forget $1000 to get to level 60 on day one.


We already have cosmetic microtransactions. Lifetime subscriptions turn your little level circle purple.


lifetime subscription cost

Pick one

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We have a cosmetic macrotransaction.


That could be micro if your net worth was large enough.


No I’m just teasing because there is nothing micro about the lifetime subscription cost :sweat_smile:

i’d like to buy the wanikani OST, can listen to it in the bathtub.